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News & Events

Road 2K – System Integration

MAAG Group is the premium supplier for the plastics processing industry. Our mission is to offer highly efficient solutions with advanced products, integrated systems and well thought-out service packages. Find out what system integration means, visit us at K!


Road2K – Customer Focus

Understanding our customers needs is one of our greatest competences. When developing new products or designing complex systems, the focus is always on the customer and his specific needs. Together we can find the best solutions. Find out, how MAAG Group focuses on it’s customers …


Road2K – Innovations

By listening to our customers and studying the markets we engage in, we identify trends at an early stage. We anticipate market changes and develop solutions for tomorrow's needs. As a leading and innovative solution provider, the MAAG Group stands for technological progress. We create real added value and secure the competitive edge of our customers. Take a look at MAAG Group's INNOVATIONS that will be shown at K-Show 2022.


Hot Melt Adhesives

Hot melt is defined as any polymer based glue that is applied in a molten state. HMA is composed of a polymer and additives, including a tackifying resin to create bond properties. Examples of use of these adhesives range from book-binding, packaging, tapes and labels to HVAC duct-work, auto interior trim, and furniture assembly.

Polymer production

Polymer Processing - MAAG Group

The production of polymers is a complex process. Gentle handling of the melt in the production process is essential to the high quality of the end product. The optimum combination of gear pumps, filter systems, pelletizing systems and dryers is key.


Masterbatch - MAAG Group

Concentrated and precisely dosed, masterbatches contribute to the coloring and functionality of the finished polymer products. With integrated processes and systems for conveying, tempering, filtering, pelletizing or grinding and drying, MAAG Group machines achieve uncompromising results – for spherical pellets, cylindrical pellets, micropellets, or powder.


Compounding - MAAG Group

Spherical pellets, cylindrical pellets, micropellets or powder – these are the production output at the end of polymer processing. No matter whether high filler content, low melt stability, sticky material, or high MFI content – with the right pelletizing system top results are achieved from every product.


Recycling - MAAG Group

The recycling of plastics varies widely: Recyclable waste can be processed in the MAAG Group’s pelletizing plants. High-performance filtration systems play a decisive role in this. Direct recycling to create the final product, with no intermediate pelletizing stage, is also possible. If powder is the end product, there are also suitable pulverizers in the portfolio.


Extrusion - MAAG Group

What produces top extrusion results in terms of processing quality and appearance? Gear pumps that precisely convey the product flow and efficiently apply the die pressure to relieve the pressure buildup on the extruder and gently convey the processed product. And filters that reliably remove dirt from the molten plastic.


Rotomolding - MAAG Group

Powder of the highest quality, with good flowability and the required particle distribution at high bulk density – these are the requirements placed on the powder in rotomolding. The MAAG Group’s pulverizers, as laboratory machines or production plants, supply powder material with outstanding product surface quality for rotomolding.


Industrie - MAAG Group

All types of pumps are used in the polymer, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. The pumped media have different requirements in terms of viscosity, pressure, temperature or corrosiveness. With a sophisticated modular system, the MAAG Group can manufacture pumps that are ideally suited to a specific production process.


Pharma & Food - MAAG Group

Micropellets are becoming increasingly important in the pharmaceutical industry. Micropellets are not powder, and not pellets, but particles of uniform size and shape to which active substances can be bound. The MAAG Group’s micropelletizer technology enables optimum direct and downstream processing.


The high-quality machines of the MAAG Group are also subject to wear and tear on components subject to heavy loads. Our warehouses worldwide stock key spare parts, including for older machines, in sufficient quantities to be able to deliver in the shortest possible time. High-quality original spare parts assure the long service life and productivity of your pumps, filters, pelletizers and pulverizers.

With eight grinding centers around the world, the MAAG Group provides the largest service network in the polymer industry. Die plates can be cleaned and overhauled, and cutting rotors reground, within a very short time. Regular and careful regrinding permanently improves the pellet quality, as well as extending the service life of the cutting rotor.

Over a long machine lifetime, some components will need to be repaired, upgraded or replaced. Repair and maintenance is carried out by trained specialists, using original spare parts, in order to maintain the high machine quality over the long term and safeguard the capital investment in the machine.

For machines to work optimally over the long term, they must be serviced regularly. The MAAG Group offers service contracts that are adapted to the individual requirements of companies and their production processes. Additional periodic inspections provide even more planning assurance for scheduled maintenance procedures.

At the MAAG Group’s test and development centers, individual plastics can be tested, innovative ideas can be tried out under realistic conditions, a pilot production run can be commissioned, or solutions for special requirements can be devised. This means the MAAG Group is always close at hand to serve you as an innovation partner in your polymer production.

Trained employees are motivated employees. At the same time, trained personnel enhance machine availability. We teach this specialist know-how at MAAG Group test and development center locations or directly on-site. The seminars on polymer production plant operation provide instruction in theory and practice.

The service lives of the MAAG Group’s machinery, plants and systems can be extended further by means of technology services and upgrades. Thanks to the comprehensive after-sales program, machines remain state-of-the-art, can be optimized to individual needs and machine outputs, and can be adapted to market requirements.

We run two shifts every day, and will extend to three shifts if and when necessary. Downtimes are practically eliminated. Once the plant has been started, it runs for hours. We only have to shut down when there is a material change, and that is planned accordingly. We check the plant only about every half hour, while it simply continues to output pellets. If we need to expand our operations, I’m sure I’ll turn to you again. Thank you once again for all the support you have given us. I really appreciate it.

Jim Johnson

O’Neil Color and Compounding has been using GALA pelletizers for at least 17 years, and the number of GALA underwater pelletizers it operates is increasing every year. In the course of our expansion and growth, Gala’s pelletizing plants have become our preference. Every time we expand our production, whether by installing a new production plant or modernizing existing lines, GALA is part of the process. We now have a whole range of different sized plants, with various models. We can pelletize a wide variety of polymers, and achieve pellets of a quality that other pelletizers can only achieve with difficulty, if at all. Given the customer support, reliability and design quality we get, the decision when upgrading is an easy one to make.

Bob Anthony, O'Neil Color and Compounding Plant Manager

With its reliable equipment, GALA is an important business partner for Danimer. The GALA laboratory lines were key to the development of our adhesive products. GALA listens to identify its customers’ needs, and surpasses them every time.

Mark Jones, Danimer Scientific

One of our extrusion pumps had developed a seal leak after 19 years of great service, so we sent it in for evaluation and repair.  Maag’s service and maintenance team bent over backwards to get me my pump back before our start-up of a critical line.  The communication and service was some of the best I have experienced in my maintenance career.

Phil Kluetz, Profol Maintenance Manager

Jobs international

No business can succeed without motivated and skilled employees. MAAG employs around 1,000 people worldwide at over 16 different locations. We expect high standards in terms of expertise, quality, reliability and personal commitment. We constantly endeavour to appoint the right people to the right post, so that we can offer them the opportunity to develop, grow and achieve their goals. To enjoy personal success, you must be able to contribute experience and expertise along with a sense of fun, motivation and belief in the company.

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