Since 01.01.2024, the specialists in Tornesch are taking care of the maintenance and repair of all pumps in Europe!

Send your pump for maintenance / repair exclusively to our Pump Repair Center:

Maag Witte GmbH
Pump Repair Center
Lise-Meitner-Allee 20
25436 Tornesch

No matter whether…

MAAG gear pumps:
vacorex, extrex, thermorex, viscorex,
refinex, cinox therminox, hydrolub,
flexinox, dosix

Profit from…

  • direct communication with your personal contact person
  • simplified logistics (within Europe)
  • shorter repair times thanks to decoupling from production
  • customized options according to your specific needs
  • bundled expertise for your application

WITTE gear pumps:

or melt pumps from other manufacturers.

Our experts look forward to helping you:

Marc Rathmann
Director Customer Care

+49 4120 70659354

Amandine Leszinski
Spare Parts & Service

+49 4120 70659352

Nina Grabow-Heidmann
Spare Parts & Service

+49 4120 70659351

Michael Heidmann
Manager repair Europa

+49 4120 70659501

Brian Averhoff
Technical Service

+49 4120 70659353