Global services for components, products and plants

Comprehensive service concept

By “comprehensive service” we mean that original spare parts are rapidly available, that rotors and die plates are ground in the shortest possible time, and that our technology service in combination with our upgrades allows us to continually modernize machines. Training on the machine during commissioning is also an important service, so that the personnel can work optimally on it. The comprehensive service package is rounded off by the opportunity to develop new products and processes at our eight test and development centers worldwide. They enable our customers to conduct testing together with our experts in order to learn about material behavior, optimize configurations, and ultimately find the optimal solution for a specific requirement.

Original spare parts

MAAG Group - Original spare parts

Rotor Sharpening Service

MAAG Group : Rotor Sharpening Service

Repair & Servicing

MAAG Group - Repair & Servicing

Maintenance & Inspection

MAAG Group - Maintenance & Inspection

Testing and Development Centers

MAAG Group - Testing and Development Centers

Training Courses

MAAG Group - Training Courses

Upgrades and Technology Service

MAAG Group - Upgrade and Technology Service

The MAAG service offer

  • The MAAG services guarantee fast and reliable supply of wear and spare parts. Components such as seals, shafts, and rollers are subject to wear in plastics processing. Standard components can be exchanged quickly and easily through MAAG’s large in-house parts warehouse. This keeps all maintenance procedures simple.
  • For consistently high pellet quality, the rotors of the strand pelletizing systems can be sharpened at any time in one of our eight professional sharpening centers.
  • We carry out inspection and maintenance of pumps, filters, pelletizers, and pulverizers at regular intervals, as well as making any necessary repairs.
  • Enabling you to respond to new demands in plastics production at any time, we keep all MAAG machines, plants, and systems up-to-date, productive, and state-of-the-art based on ongoing upgrades as well as retrofitting and the application of modernization technologies.
  • For the effective use of the pelletizing systems, pumps, filters, and pulverizers, we train your employees in how to operate the plants in the best possible way with regard to product quality, cost efficiency, and service life.
  • MAAG is also at your side as a strong, innovative partner in your development processes. At our test and development centers, you can test individual plastics and prototypes, as well as conduct pelletizing trials.