MAAG Group vision and values

Over many decades, the MAAG Group has grown into one of the world’s leading solution providers for the polymer, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, with integrated solutions for pump and filtration systems, pelletizing systems, pulverizer systems, and recycling systems. All the components, products and systems of our product brands AMN, AUTOMATIK, ETTLINGER, GALA, MAAG, REDUCTION, SCHEER, WITTE, and XANTEC are of the highest quality and deliver outstanding performance in their respective segments. Within the MAAG Group, innovation and cutting-edge technology, paired with comprehensive after-sales service, form the basis for offering outstanding solutions to meet demanding customer requirements in production, processing and recycling.


With our strengths and competencies, we aim to deliver sustainable added value to our customers in polymer production and processing, and in the pharmaceutical and food industries. We see ourselves as a premium supplier to the plastics, chemical and machinery industries, and consider it our role to offer highly efficient solutions with advanced products, integrated systems and well- designed service packages to meet even the most unusual customer requirements.


We aim to remain the world’s leading manufacturer of gear pumps, filters, screen changers, pelletizing systems of all kinds, dryers, pulverizers, and recycling systems. The more than 1,500 employees of the MAAG Group worldwide work to achieve that every day, with passion and commitment. Because we are sure of one thing: Only as an innovative solution provider will we be able to generate added value for our customers based on technological advances that ensure a lasting competitive edge.


As a company with a long history at our headquarters in Switzerland, two attributes are particularly important to us: reliability and a sense of responsibility. Yesterday, today and tomorrow, these are fundamental qualities from which trust grows, which in turn forms the basis for lasting customer relationships and positive employee relations.

Friendliness and openness toward people, cultures and different mindsets is equally important to us as an international business with employees and customers from all over the world. We are friendly, open-minded, professional and respectful in our conduct.

Our openness is also applied to engineering, technology, and progress. New market requirements motivate us to develop suitable products and systems. New materials and processes, and the digitalization of industrial production, serve as incentives for us to continually identify successful new solutions for polymer production and processing in industry, as well as for micropelletizing in pharmaceutical and food applications.