Working together for maximum performance: REDUCTION as part of the MAAG Group

REDUCTION pulverizers have been successfully used for over 20 years in the production of plastic powder from pellets or ground material. REDUCTION develops and manufactures innovative systems as part of the MAAG Group, for the rotational molding, recycling and compounding industries.

REDUCTION represents strand pelletizing of the highest standard within the MAAG Group. Whether strand pelletizer for dry cutting, wet cutting, or pultrusion – for over 20 years, the REDUCTION brand has been a byword for innovative pelletizing systems for the processing of plastics. Compounding, masterbatch or polymer production are the main application areas of the large and compact pelletizing systems. Maximum production quality across all processes is the key objective.

With a large portfolio of different pulverizer types and dry cutting or wet cutting strand pelletizers, REDUCTION as a product brand of the MAAG Group, creates reliable high-performance systems for widely varying applications and throughput ranges. REDUCTION’s systems are characterized above all by maximum power and performance in terms of energy input relative to throughput.

Universal, strong, flexible: Pulverizers from REDUCTION

REDUCTION has been developing pulverizers for grinding plastics and other materials since 1992. In the field of reduction technology, REDUCTION offers state-of-the-art equipment for small to large throughputs. REDUCTION systems can handle standard applications using grinding in ambient air as well as special applications such as rubber elastic or temperature sensitive materials using cryogenic pulverizers where refrigerants embrittle the product in an upstream process so that it can then be ground.

Whether Polyolefine (PE, PP) or Technical Resins (PVC, ABS, PA, etc.) – REDUCTION pulverizers grind any polymer to the desired grain size. Every successful application is the result of 25 years’ research and development, innovative strength, and comprehensive know-how.

REDUCTION pelletizing systems for optimum strand pelletizing

REDUCTION pelletizing systems are continually being upgraded or redesigned to meet the changing requirements of the market and customers. Within the MAAG Group, innovative technologies and customer-oriented development has serve to create high-performance pelletizing systems for the polymer industry. The high demands it imposes in terms of its own performance, consistent orientation to customers’ needs and reliability in its work are what have distinguished REDUCTION for over 20 years. As part of the MAAG Group, delivering optimum strand pelletizing across a wide range of applications is our focus.

Milestones in the history of our products

1993 The first pulverizer is developed and manufactured
2007 The first Ultra high-performance pulverizer model is produced
2012 Development and market launch of the first disposable grinding disks
2018 Development of the Color Mixer
2019 Development of the Mid-Range Pulverizer

The Reduction Engineering Scheer merger with Maag is one of like-minds and philosophies, with the clear goal of increasing our capabilities to help our customers results, with strong focus, experience and solutions within screen changer, polymer pump, pelletizing and pulverizing applications. This will further facilitate a broader product portfolio, technical knowledge, and support infrastructure. Together we will lead the way in providing industry required solutions, reliably and simply

Chris Theimer, Business Lead Compounding Solutions

Boosting service friendliness: REDUCTION services within the MAAG Group

The customer-oriented service mentality of REDUCTION also extends to its aftersales service. For us, high levels of service friendliness mean short delivery times for original spare parts from stock, uncomplicated upgrades, reliable maintenance and repair, as well as regular inspection and servicing. Based on the wide-ranging global aftersales services within the MAAG Group, we ensure longer life cycles for your pulverizers and dry cut or wet cut and improve your productivity thanks to maximum machine availability. The MAAG Group also offers all REDUCTION customers the opportunity to test their materials at its test centers in the USA and Germany. Working together on behalf of the customer and achieving optimum results in the grinding of plastics – that is the motivation and goal of the MAAG Group through REDUCTION.

REDUCTION – Milestones in our company history

For REDUCTION, as throughout the MAAG-Group, the focus is always on the customer. It is customers’ requirements that drive the development of the company’s systems. REDUCTION is investing in research and development, to meet future customer requirements with new, tailored products and continually upgraded product lines.

1992 Reduction Engineering is founded in the USA (as Accu Grind Inc.)
2000 Partnership with Conair, taking over the service of pelletizer parts first and then the manufacturing of the complete systems
2006 Reduction buys the Conair Pelletizer Line
2008 Reduction Engineering acquires C.F. Scheer Renamed Reduction Engineering GmbH
2015 Maag Pump Systems AG acquires Reduction Engineering