WITTE – Gear Pumps from specialists

Together we are stronger – WITTE is one of the leading manufacturers of gear pumps for the chemical, polymer processing, cosmetic & food industry.

Our gear pumps are ideal to transport different media and are available both as standard solutions and custom designs. Housings, shaf, bearings and covers from our special pumps can be produced in different materials as desired.

Thanks to the modular WITTE construction kit for friction bearings, gear pumps and axial shaft seals, our gear pump solutions offer our customers the greatest possible flexibility.


WITTE Pumps & Technology in Tornesch, Germany

Our motivation

The goal of the company is to offer his customers a high level of process safety through custom gear pumps.

We are driven by the challenge to create solutions that nobody else offers. WITTE is a leader in the area of special applications. From special constructions, we have developed a variety of standard pumps that we have in stock for the most standard sizes.

Our objective has always been to ensure maximum process safety and tailor the pumps precisely to the application and process in question. This way we guarantee the best efficiency and long-lasting quality of our pumps. Reduced maintenance costs and intervals thanks to perfectly matched material pairings mean that  nvestments quickly pay off.

Milestones in the history of our products

1987 Development of sealless magnetic couplings for demanding applications
1992 Metering system for precise dosing
1993 Gear pump for fueling of European rocket Ariane
1996 Design of world biggest magnetic coupling for gear pumps
1998 Development of magnetic coupling for very high temperatures of 420°C
2012 New pumps for rubber polymerization industry capable to run from very low to high viscosity with special bearing design
2016 Pump for liquid CO2 in polymer
2018 Design of very special pumps for the fuel cells at demanding applications
2022 Development of gear pumps for high differential pressure at very low viscosities

The best pump for your process!

Not just a slogan!

Each pump is precisely tailored to the customer’s process and needs. Our experts develop custom gear pumps for use in standard or limit ranges.

Dr. Sven Wieczorek, Managing Director, WITTE PUMPS & TECHNOLOGY GmbH

Always there for you: Service from WITTE

For us, service means listening to the customers and reacting to their needs and requests. It is very important to us to always create the best possible solution. That is why we place value on an open dialog as equals. Many applications and processes are complex and comprehensive and small things may have serious consequences. A small foreign object in the medium, for example, may disrupt the entire process and damage the gears and housings.

WITTEs service areas:

WITTE – Milestones in our company history

1984 Founding of the the company by Mr. Witte as a spare parts supplier for MAAG gear pumps
1985 Move to a new location and development of the first own gear pumps
1988 Move to a new location with 7000 sqm ground, 1500 sqm workshop and 350 sqm office space
1991 WITTE expands to the USA and grants the American company LCI the license to manufacture WITTE gear pumps in the USA
1996 WITTE expands and builds up a new workshop hall
1998 Due to the increasing demand for high-precision gear pumps, a 3D coordinate measuring machine is purchased to better monitor the quality of individual components
2001 For the further expansion of the company, Dr. Wieczorek is appointed as Managing Director. Expansion into the markets of China and the USA
2002 An own representation in China is founded
2004 Management Buy Out by Mr. Wieczorek. Takeover of the management
2005 Foundation of Witte Pumps & Technology LLC in Atlanta, Georgia, USA
2012 Foundation of 100% owned foreign enterprise Shanghai Witte Pumps & Technology Co. Ltd.
2014 Construcion of a new site in Tornesch with optimized thoughput processes
2018 Implementation of SAP software
2019 Installation of new fully automated pump test bench for low viscosity media
2022 Acquisition by MAAG