Maag Pump Systems – a strong brand within the MAAG Group

Whether gear pumps, extrusion pumps, transfer pumps, pressure pumps, chemical pumps, industrial pumps, metering pumps – MAAG is a leading manufacturer of gear pumps of all kinds for the polymer, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries worldwide. Filtration systems for polymer production and processing are the second area of focus.

Within the MAAG Group, MAAG is the lead brand for pump systems and filtration systems. Manufacturers of chemical products as well as plastics, hot melt, polymers and polymer compounds and other low and high viscosity products worldwide rely on MAAG pumps and filters. More than 100 years of experience in processing, together with in-depth know-how in polymer processing, make MAAG a strong partner, and the MAAG Group as a whole a leading international partner to industry.

The company’s history began in 1913, with inventor Max Maag. Between 1918 and 1928, Maag successfully registered a number of patents for gear pumps. The business continually set new standards: in 1959, with the construction of what was then the largest gear grinding machine for straight and helical gears up to 4,600 mm in diameter, and the construction of a gear clutch that can be switched at standstill for power transmission of 100,000 hp at 428 rpm; in 1964, with the construction of what was then the largest turbo transmission, featuring power transmission of 85,000 hp at 3,000/1,000 rpm; in 1990, with the construction of the world’s largest gear pump, the PR 41-6 …

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Technical edge: Pumps and filtration systems from MAAG

MAAG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of gear pumps for high-end chemical and industrial applications, for polymer production and processing, and for rubber production. Plastics and chemical products can be efficiently processed with Maag pump systems. MAAG gear pumps reveal their full potential especially in difficult process conditions where high pressures, viscosity and temperatures occur simultaneously. MAAG filtration systems, which reliably clean plastic melts in production and extrusion, ensure the purity – and so the quality – of the customer’s final product.

As part of the global MAAG Group, MAAG supports the international plastics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries with technical know-how and high-quality systems in the economical production of polymers and other media.

Products through changing times

Technology is constantly evolving. New technologies and processes are the driving force leading us to continually improve our machinery and plants. In doing so, it is important for us to apply the best of our current generation into the next, and to establish the foundations for efficient state-of-the-art polymer production and processing by integrating new technical possibilities. We work to achieve that every day, in keeping with our promise of delivering NEXT-LEVEL SOLUTIONS. Our comprehensive services providing inspection, maintenance, repair using original spare parts and machine upgrades are guaranteed in relation to all legacy models as well as all our current machines.

Here is a brief overview of the history of our model series and products:

Polymer und Extrusionspumpen Generation 3, 4, 5, M Polymer x6 class
thermorex TR GP/HP and BG/BV/BP/MB/ML/ME/MR thermorex6  TR/TB GU/EP/SP/EV
thermorex TRT, TR-RT, RT, TRO, TRP thermorex TRO, thermorex6 TP GU/EP/SP/EV
vacorex VX GP/HV/HP and MR/MV vacorex6 VX GU/EP/SP/EV
viscorex VR vacorex6 VX SV/MV
DP PET vacorex6 VX GU/EP/SP/EV
polyrex PR Generation 2, 3, 4 polyrex6 PR SP/EP/MP
H Series FX flexinox®
DX dosix
Extrusion Pumps Generation 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Extrusion Pumps x6 class
extrex GP/HP/HV extrex6 EX GU/EP/SP
trudex extrex6 EX MP
extrex GPD Y Adapter & extrex6 EX GU/EP/SP/MP
extrex EA/GPA extrex GA
LCI meltpump / gearpumpx extrex6 meltpump
PS Polymer Standard vacorex6 VX GU/EP/SP/EV
PSS Polymer Standard Low Suction Head vacorex6 VX GU/EP/SP/EV
PT Polymer Transfer thermorex6 TR/TB GU/EP/SP/EV
PL Polymer Low Pressure vacorex6 VX SV/MV
CSS Cast Steel Standard refinex RX
CSJ Cast Steel Standard Jacketed refitherm RT
SS Stainless Standard cinox CX
SJ Stainless Standard Jacketed therminox TX
CS Carbon Steel Standard hydrolube HY/NP
CJ Carbon Steel Standard Jacketed thermocal TC
ES Extrusion Standard extrex6 EX GU/EP/SP
EH Extrusion High Pressure extrex6 EX MP
EP Extrusion Polyethylene extrex6 EX MP
EJ Extrusion Standard Jacketed thermorex6 TR/TB GU/EP/SP/EV
EV Extrusion Standard Vynil extrex6 EX GU/EP/SP
PC Polymer Compounding polyrex6 PR GU/SP/EP/MP
Controller Extrusion
maax PC maax PC

Milestones in the history of our products

1908 First studies in gear technology by Max Maag
1928 The first gear pumps are manufactured
1985 Introduction of the polyrex 25 gear pump featuring shaft cooling
1990 polyrex from Maag Pump Systems is the world’s largest booster pump
1992  Introduction of the first Rekuma Oeko Film plant
1996 The world’s largest gear feed pump is built: the viscorex® 44 (96 l/U)
2001 The world’s largest screen changer is built: the CSC-460 / CC (30m²)
2002 First gear pumps for the rubber and tire industry are developed
2003 A compounding gear pump with a throughput of 100 t/h is created
2011 Introduction of the dual pump: two gear sets in one housing as a split pump for fast cleaning
2013 Maag Pump Systems presents the gear pump generation x6

Pumps and filters service for maximum safety and efficiency

With great technical know-how, MAAG continuously develops new pump and filtration system solutions to meet the individual requirements of demanding industrial customers. They deliver optimum efficiency of processes. To ensure that they always run smoothly, MAAG as part of the MAAG Group provides comprehensive maintenance and repair services for pumps, filters and screen changers. Maximum service life, maximum resilience and minimum downtimes of the pump systems and filtration systems are the result of the interaction of excellent technology, high-quality hardware and comprehensive service. Training before and during operation of the pump and filtration systems ensures optimum operation in practice.

What we offer you:

  • Original spare parts
  • Grinding service for rotors
  • Maintenance and inspection
  • Repair and servicing
  • Testing and development centers
  • Training courses
  • Upgrades and technology services

What MAAG customers of the MAAG Group say:

The x6 Maag pump guarantees increased production capacity compared to the same size of pump of our competitors

several customers

Lower pump size, lower weight, lower rotation speed and higher specific volume against competitors was main argue to convince to select Maag.

Industrie Polieco

One of our extrusion pumps had developed a seal leak after 19 years of great service, so we sent it in for evaluation and repair. Maag’s service and maintenance team bent over backwards to get me my pump back before our start-up of a critical line. The communication and service was some of the best I have experienced in my maintenance career.

Phil Kluetz, Maintenance Manager at Profol
MAAG Pumps can take a beating and still keep going
Sandy Guthrie, ADG Solutions

MAAG – Milestones in our company history

From the gear cutting machine to the extrusion pump: MAAG has been researching, developing and producing solutions for industry since 1913. As part of the MAAG Group, MAAG is expanding its competencies and possibilities so as to continue offering the plastics industry innovative systems to meet special requirements in the future.

1913 Engineer Max Maag establishes “Zahnräderfabrik Max Maag” (the Max Maag gear works)
1917 “Zahnräderfabrik Max Maag” becomes Maag Zahnräder Co. based in Zurich, Switzerland
1989 Maag pump systems enjoy great success at the 1989 “K” fair
1991 Maag Zahnräder Co.” is split into Maag Zahnräder Co. and Maag Pump Systems AG
1992 Rekuma Systems AG is founded
1995  Opening of the new office of Maag Pumps Systems of America in Texas, USA
1997 Maag Pump Systems AG is integrated into Textron Inc., and its name changed to Maag Pump Systems Textron AG
1999 Acquisition of the Fluid Handling Division of LCI
2000 Acquisition of Engineered Filtration Company Inc.
2001 Acquisition of Wil-Man GmbH, a leading screen changer specialist
2010 Maag Pump Systems AG is integrated into Clyde Blowers

Merger with Automatik Plastics Machinery

Maag Pump Systems AG is part of the Maag Group

2012 Acquisition of the Maag Group by PSG, a Dover Corporation company
2015 Maag Pumps Systems AG becomes an independent operating company under Dover Fluids
2017 Centralization of the development and manufacture of industrial gear pumps in Italy at the Maag Rozzano plant
2019 Development of a new industrial pump series with an expanded application range