Together for success: AUTOMATIK is part of the MAAG Group

Together we are stronger – and only as good as every single part of the whole. That is why only top-class specialists in polymer processing operate under the umbrella of the MAAG Group. AUTOMATIK offers supreme expertise and quality in pellet production systems within the MAAG Group. Innovation is made possible thanks to the high levels of customer orientation and market affinity, paired with profound know-how and decades of application expertise, of AUTOMATIK and the MAAG Group. The company’s longstanding focus on quality and innovation in development, production and global sales and distribution is complemented by comprehensive advice and service backup. It is not without reason that the MAAG Group is the leading service provider on the market.

The benefits of AUTOMATIK within the MAAG Group:

  • Strength and security of a group of companies with more than 1,000 employees
  • Worldwide availability of services
  • Global service network
  • Innovative, future-oriented developments
  • Many years’ know-how and high-level expertise
  • Great depth of product and application knowledge
  • Close proximity to customers
  • High quality systems

AUTOMATIK – for pellet production

AUTOMATIK has been a strong and reliable industrial partner for over 70 years, meeting your needs for innovative pelletizing systems, screen changers and melt filters in plastics processing,. AUTOMATIK has for decades been a leading vendor of strand pelletizing and underwater pelletizing systems. AUTOMATIK has been a key member of the MAAG Group since 2010. In 2015, Automatik and Maag Pump Systems GmbH in Germany merged to form Maag Automatik GmbH. Within the MAAG Group, AUTOMATIK is constantly developing new, innovative systems for processing plastics.

For example, AUTOMATIK’s pelletizing experts in the MAAG Group designed a revolutionary process for vacuole-free pelletizing of engineered plastics under water. The basis for the optimized temperature pelletizing process – which comprises all work steps from the melt to the flawless high-quality pellet – is AUTOMATIK’s tried and proven SPHERO® underwater pelletizing technology.

State-of-the-art technologies and comprehensive know-how in relation to every pelletizing process and every pellet shape underpin the MAAG Group’s leading position in the production and processing of polymers through AUTOMATIK. The focus is always on the customer’s requirements. Because we produce for you, and to fulfill the specific tasks you face. And we’ve been doing it since 1947.

Milestones in the history of our products

1957 The first strand pelletizer is sold
1965 Presentation of the first self-cutting strand pelletizer UWG
1975 Presentation of the self-threading underwater strand pelletizing system USG
1998 Market launch of DROPPO® (drop-process pelleting system for encapsulation of active ingredients in spherical particles)
2001 Presentation of the PRIMO Plus strand pelletizer with automated JSG systems

Presentation of the M-USG underwater strand pelletizer

2003 SPHERO® underwater pelletizing system launched onto the market
2006 CENTRO and DURO dryer series introduced

Start of CC-PET process

2012 Pelletizing system for pharmaceutical applications: SPHERO® THA
2015 Introduction of optimized temperature pelletizing (OTP) for engineered polymers

Always there for you: Service from AUTOMATIK

AUTOMATIK’s strand pelletizing systems incorporate sound know-how, high-quality materials, and state-of-the-art technologies. As part of the MAAG Group, AUTOMATIK provides outstanding levels of service to customers and end-users in the polymer, chemical and petrochemical industries, as well as the pharmaceutical and food industries, ensuring that their plants and systems work lastingly and efficiently. The first step is training to ensure that users are competent in handling the technology. Regular servicing and inspection ensure reliable operation. Repairs and maintenance, and where necessary replacement of worn parts with original AUTOMATIK spares, ensure that systems deliver long service lives, and provide security of investment for customers.

With several underwater and strand pelletizers, two pulverizers, melt filters and gear pumps, as well as a drop-process pelletizer for low-viscosity melt and fluids, covering an area of more than 2,000 m², AUTOMATIK has one of the largest and best-equipped test and development centers in the world.

AUTOMATIK – Milestones in our company history

AUTOMATIK has been dedicated to the development and implementation of innovative strand pelletizing systems for the plastics processing industry for over 70 years. We have developed a lot, and achieved a lot, and we are fit for the future as part of the MAAG Group.

1947 Founding of “Automatik Apparate-Maschinenbau” in Aschaffenburg, Germany, by Hans Hench
1979 Establishment of subsidiary in the USA
1986 The family business is sold to AB Dacke, of Sweden, and the Automatik Group is created
1992 Rieter acquires Automatik, and changes its name to Rieter Automatik
1994 Opening of sales and service center in Shanghai, China
1999 Opening of sales center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2001 Opening of sales and service center in Sao Paulo, Brazil
2008 Change of ownership from Rieter to CGS Management, and founding of “Automatik Plastics Machinery”
2009 Establishment of subsidiaries including grinding centers in Shanghai and Malaysia
2010 Establishment of subsidiaries with grinding centers in Brazil and Taiwan

Merger with Maag Pump Systems; Automatik Plastics Machinery becomes part of the Maag Group

2012 The Maag Group is acquired by PSG, a Dover Corporation company
2015 The merger of Automatik with Maag’s German subsidiary, Maag Pump Systems GmbH in Germany, creates Maag Automatik GmbH
2021 Maag Automatik GmbH and Gala Kunststoff- und Kautschukmaschinen GmbH merge to form the new Maag Germany GmbH