Products of MAAG Group

Pump & Filtration Systems

Many years of process experience and a deep understanding of the processes involved in polymer production and processing enable gear pumps of all types to be optimally adapted to individual customer requirements.

Pelletizing systems

Pelletizing plays an important role in polymer production and processing. The right pelletizing system for the application is critical. That is why MAAG offers pelletizing systems and pelletizing solutions designed for a wide range of different processing methods.

Pulverizing Systems

In the pulverizers segment, MAAG offers a wide range of Reduction Engineering Scheer pulverizers for different throughput ranges and applications.

Recycling Systems

From individual components to ready-for-connection extruder downstream equipment: MAAG provides the plastics processing industry and consequently the end consumers with sustainable solutions for fulfilling recycling tasks and legal requirements and thus makes an active, customer-oriented contribution to circular economy.


The gentle treatment of the melt is crucial for an optimum polymer production process. Our pumps contribute significantly to the productivity, efficiency and operational reliability of both low-viscosity and high-viscosity applications. We react to the growing quality demands with high-performance large-area filters or screen changers with filter candles. Our underwater pelletizer systems produce up to 36,000 kg/h, and with our strand pelletizers you achieve a throughput up to 16,000 kg/h. We offer centrifugal dryers with throughputs up to 100,000 kg/h for pellet drying.

Our special systems efficiently and cost-effectively meet the specific demands of masterbatch and color batch concentrate manufacturers. Our processes and systems for the production of masterbatches function seamlessly together to allow optimum results to be achieved. Conveying, temperature control, filtration, pelletizing or grinding and drying are performed as gently as possible for uncompromising results – no matter whether spherical or cylindrical pellets, micropellets or powders. The concentrated addition of colored, black & white or function masterbatches produces very good results during the further processing.

Our system components fit perfectly together to allow optimum compounding results to be achieved. From the conveying, temperature control and filtration, through the pelletizing or grinding right up to the drying, our components function seamlessly together to make your process as efficient as possible. Our pelletizing systems are suitable for products with high filler contents or low melt stability. Even sticky materials and materials with high MFI can be processed on our pelletizers. The results are impressive – whether spherical or cylindrical pellets, micropellets or powders.

Our pelletizers allow reusable wastes such as sprues from injection molding, film trimming wastes, flakes from shredded PET bottles or battery housings, etc. to be recycled. The old material is first shredded, washed and predried and then goes into a drier before being pelletized again. Direct recycling into the finished product – without the intermediate step of pelletizing (e.g. PET bottle flakes into deep-drawn film) – is also possible with our special screen changers. If powder is required as the finished product of a recycling process, then our pulverizing systems are the right choice.

High demands are made on products with respect to processing quality and optical properties. An important aspect in the production and processing of plastics is therefore the filtration. We offer suitable filters for every extrusion process to reliably remove contaminants from the plastic melt. Our gear pumps additionally optimize the extrusion process, precisely transporting the product stream and efficiently building up the die pressure in order to relieve the extruder of the pressure build-up. The melt is conveyed extremely uniformly through the die, guaranteeing a consistently high quality of the finished product (e.g. sheets, profiles, tubes, foams, blown film or hoses).

Powders of the highest quality with good pourability and high bulk density are required for rotomolding. Our pulverizing systems deliver regrind with the best product surface quality that is ideally suited for further processing by rotomolding. We develop and produce high-efficiency powder mills with low energy consumption, high throughput and compact design. Whether as laboratory machine or production plant, MAAG pulverizing systems are perfectly suited to your individual requirements.

The range of requirements in terms of viscosity, pressure, temperature and corrosivity of the media being conveyed is very wide in the industrial sector. Our portfolio of industrial gear pumps has exactly the required application depth and, thanks to a sophisticated modular system we can even meet the most difficult requirements reliably. Thanks to our wide know-how in applications and our very own production, we can optimally design and manufacture the pump tailored to your process.

The PFS product line includes newly developed machines for the manufacture of pellets for pharmaceutical products and drugs, all from a single source. MAAG offers innovative solutions, especially in micropelletizing, for a wide range of applications in the pharmaceutical industry. MAAG’s micropelletizing technologies produce particles of uniform shape and size for optimal and direct further processing. Tablets and capsules are currently the most popular oral solid dosage form in the pharmaceutical industry. Pellets are not powder and not granulate; they are characterized by a defined shape and a very narrow particle size distribution. This allows a very wide range of applications of pellets that integrate active substances. Employing hot melt/melt extrusion, even the processing of poorly soluble carrier/active substance combinations, no longer poses a major problem in the pharmaceutical industry. Continuous manufacturing delivers many benefits in production and in speeding up the development cycles for new drugs.