Are you looking for means to improve your end product quality, save costs and increase your production capability at the same time? We might have the answer. Our latest generation of gear pumps features six pumps specially designed to be experts in their respective fields of application. They outperform conventional models in every aspect.

The x6 class portfolio of gear pumps is the answer to provide the best volumetric efficiency on the market. The sizes remain compact but the output is maximized with a superior flow capacity to boost your productivity. Thus the flow rates can be significantly increased without an additional investment.

Normally, the maximum achieveable flow rates of gear pumps are determined by the pumps’ speed limit which ultimately depends on the maximum allowed bearing temperature. The special design of x6 class gear pumps enhances your process security through an efficient temperature management.  The improved heat transfer does not require the usage of shaft or bearing cooling. This saves energy and installation costs. Additionally the pumps can be driven by a smaller motor and gear box due to the higher efficiency and lower speed to reach the same flow rate. This further reduces investment costs.

The portfolio consists of booster, transfer, metering, or extraction gear pumps for the polymer, elastomeric processing as well as polyolefin industry.

MAAG extrex6 EX / ER

The MAAG extrex6 EX and ER pumps can be used as a transfer, booster, or metering gear pump.  They both have in common the low-compression tooth design that allows the pumps to achieve both high pressure and low shear. They are both fittet with an endurance shaft that improves the load capability in order to increase the differential pressure.

MAAG extrex MP

The MAAG extrex⁶ MP is used in high-pressure applications up to 700 bar in extrusion lines.

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MAAG extrex⁶ MP

MAAG vacorex⁶ VX

The MAAG vacorex6 VX serves as an extraction pump and comes with a minimized footprint and an efficient temperaturue management for enhanced process security.

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MAAG vacorex6 VX

MAAG polyrex PR

The MAAG polyrex⁶ PR was designed as a pressure increasing pump for the polyolefin manufacturing to build up the pressure for the units after the compounder. Due to increased pump performance the specific conveying capacity is 50% higher compared to same housing size pumps of older generations.

MAAG thermorex TR/TB/TP

The MAAG thermorex⁶ TR/TB/TP can be used as a transfer, booster or metering gear pump. The models achieve both high pressure and low shear. The plastic melt is conveyed with a constant, precise flow even at high discharge pressures — also for low viscosity products like prepolymers.

MAAG Extrex6 Y-Adaptor

The adaptor allows two different die blocks to be supplied with an individual and constant melt flow combining two extrex x6 class gear pumps contributing to better economy and efficiency of extrusion lines.