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Along the value-added stages from raw material production, compounding, to the production of plastic products and at last recycling, the MAAG Group is a leading solution provider in the process industry – for polymer, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food applications worldwide.

The MAAG Group experience, technological know-how and innovative power is concentrated in four fields of competence: Pump & Filtration Systems, Pelletizing Systems, Pulverizing Systems and Recycling Systems. In all this fields we provide a wide portfolio of advanced products from basic to highly specific and demanding applications depending on customer requirements.

The greatest benefit lies in the fact that all value-added stages in polymer processing are covered. The following overview shows you which pumps, filters and screen changers, pelletizing machines, pulverizers and recycling solutions are particularly suitable along the value-added stages of polymer processing.

Raw material production

For an efficient production of polymers with a high quality end product gear pumps are integrated in the process to convey the various materials at a high but non-pulsating output and minimal temperature or energy influence on the polymer like our polyrex6, thermorex® TRO/TRP or vacorex6 VX. Also, reliable filtration has become a given in the polymer production process. The degree and rates of the filtering process are steadily increasing with a demand for quick screen changes that is offered by MAAG Group’s CSC-P screen changer technology or with the duplex filter for continous large area polymer filtration.


For compounding processes in the polymer industry MAAG group offers a wide range of technologically highly advanced products. The quality of the downstream product can only be right if the pellet quality is uncompromisingly matched to the application and thus the end product. For compounding all maschines must integrate seamlessly. Highly efficient and high performance pumps are needed – like our extrex6 , which is today the only melt pump in the market that has such a excellent volumetric efficiency. You also need filters and screen changers, underwater pelletizers like the PEARLO® series with unmatched performance in market comparison, and furthermore dry-cut strand pelletizers, dryers and quality control. Our brand new GALA Color Control is is unique in this segment.

Production of plastic products

The need for higher productivity, better product surface quality, and shorter molding cycles has resulted in machines that are easy to operate and deliver maximum efficiency with minimum waste or down-time. Especially the extrex6 and the MAAG filters are doing an excellent job in value-added stage of plastic production. Our cutting-edge and ultra compact high performance backflush filter ESC-BF minimizes the pressure deviation in the system for even higher end product quality. The state-of-the-art portfolio of MAAG Group meets the most individual requirements from small units for lab trials and small sample production over medium size production systems with short change-over times.


The combination of advanced pumps, filters and pelletizers are extremely interesting for the recycling industry. Extrex6 EX is a excellent booster, melt, and extrusion gear pump for thermoplastic processing. ECO 350 and ERF 1000 are high performance melt filters for polymers whose performance values are currently unique in the market. And PEARLO® is our best performer in polymer pelletizing. MAAG Group supplies the plastics processing industry with sustainable solutions for meeting today’s recycling challenges, thus making an active, customer-oriented contribution to the circular economy.

The technological advanced Pump & Filtration, Pelletizing, Pulverizing and Recycling Systems of MAAG Group are directly integrated into every value-added stage of polymer processing. The holistic system solutions integrate seamlessly and offer the greatest flexibility and investment security for a maximum of customer value.

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