Model SC


The Gala Self-Cleaning Pellet Dryer is designed to achieve a high degree of self-cleaning which will reduce the otherwise common downtimes to a minimum. In most cases, this centrifugal pellet dryer does not need to be cleaned and nor opened to prepare the system for a color change. The entire compounding line can continue production and the “cleaning material” generated in pellet form can be readily reused. Once the purging of the extrusion system has been completed, the downstream equipment will be clean; in most cases without requiring the operator to open and clean the pellet dryer manually. This development was helped by the fact that easy cleaning is a built-in design feature of all Gala equipment, which has proved an essential asset in everyday operation, especially in view of the increasingly complex nature of the jobs to be fulfilled by the users. This model centrifugal pellet dryer can be constructed with double insulated walls for the low noise version. The gap is filled with insulating material so that a sound pressure level of <80 dBA is guaranteed. Thorough cleaning is achieved through a combination of spray nozzles with a powerful water jet, air injection and controlled draining elements. A PLC controlled module can be used to achieve the highest degree of automation possible and to adapt the cleaning process to the product-specific requirements. All Gala dryers are supplied with door timed interlocks and local power disconnect for operator safety.



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  • Easy clean
  • Low noise
  • Insulated Housing
  • Door timed safety interlocks
  • Throughput up to 2.500 kg/h