REX duo

Pulverizing System REX duo

The REX duo series serves the demanding end user with expectations of best quality powder and highest throughput rates. Efficient utilization of its entire available power makes the REX duo Series the most economical ambient pulverizer in relation to kilograms produced versus power consumed.

A small footprint (owing to its very compact dimensions) make this the right choice for the serious producer or toll processor. The duoPLUS version outperforms all other machines of its size in the market.

Developed with CFD analysis, the new Vectored Air Technologytm mill housing enables throughput increase of up to 25% on the REX Duo Plus pulverizer. This new pulverizer technology also improves powder quality and flow for rotomolding applications.

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Technical Details


max. 1.360 kg/h

Input material

≤ 10.0 mm


500 µ

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