Disposable Disc Technology

The patented Disposable Disc Technology eliminates the cost- and time-consuming regrinding off-site as was the case before. Instead, the discs are simply replaced by a set of new ones. The disposable discs are only 8 mm thick and weigh 6 kg per piece. Compared to the discs previously used, which can weigh 25 kg or more each, not only are the costs of transport considerably reduced, but the low weight also improves handling during installation and removal and shortens conversion time by approximately one third. The opening that passes through the center of the disc is 40% larger in the Disposable Disc design. This results in a significantly higher air flow, which improves cooling of the milling chamber and increases throughput rates.
Special retrofit kits are available to convert existing Reduction Engineering pulverizers to the Disposable Disc Technology.


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  • Lower cost of operation
  • Light weight for easy handling
  • Reduced shipping cost
  • Increased airflow for better cooling
  • Retrofit kits for existing RE pulverizers