Pulverizing Model

Pulverizer System for Recycling and Rotomolding

Our pulverizing model stands for efficient conversion from polymer granules or flakes to powder – for Rotomolding, Compounding and Recycling applications.

The horizontal orientation of mill housing offers

  • 360° distribution of pellets or flakes
  • Even load distribution on Discs
  • Easy maintenance and gap-setting

Identical mill assemblies for all production scale pulverizers result in 

  • Reduced moving masses
  • Smaller total installed capacity
  • Lower energy consumption

We offer small units with compact footprint and very good accessibility. The integrated PLC controls provide fully automatic operation with minimal manpower.

Save time and money by using our Disposable Discs.

Technical Details


up to 1,360 kg/h

Disc Diameter

2-4 x 432 mm

Screens Area

up to 10/5 m²

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Original Spare Parts

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