Innovations in Strand Pelletizing

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10.12.2020  10:00 am CET

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MAAG Groups innovative strand pelletizing systems for your demanding applications

During the past years we have collected your feedback about advantages and disadvantages of SCHEER´S SGS and AUTOMATIK´S PRIMO machines. This feed back resulted in an overhaul of the machinery range, which we are proud to present to you:

SCHEER model


SGS 25 E

MAAG | Strand pelletizing technology | SGS 25-E4

SGS 25 E will remain in our portfolio as reliable lab machine
SGS 50 E

SGS 50 E

SGS E machines be replaced by PRIMO 60 E

Strand pelletizer PRIMO 60 E

SGS 100 E/200 E

SGS 50 E

SGS E machines will be integrated into PRIMO 100 E/200E

Same rotores will be used

SGS 100/200/300/400 L

MAAG | SGS 200-L / SGS 300-L / SGS 400-L

SGS machines will be integrated into PRIMO Plus Flex 100/200/300/400.

Basis is the well proven PRIMO Plus Cutter head, but modified to use SGS rotor segments.

SGS 600/800/1000

MAAG | SGS 600-L / SGS 800-L / SGS 1000-L

SGS machines will be replaced by M-ASG 600/900

The transition of the pelletizing models will take approximately until end of 2020.

Please be assured that the supply of spare parts for existing SGS machines will be guaranteed further on.

Your advantages of changing to our integrated models

  • Short unguided length prior to cut which improves the cut of the strands and herewith the pellet quality
  • Very fast and convenient access to all interior parts of the cutting head
  • Stainless steel to be used for all parts, even for the cutting chamber flap (aluminum at SGS) for longest life time
  • Pneumatical interlock of the cutter, safe, fast and without additional key
  • Adjustment of the cutting gap by several excentres which enables a quicker and more accurate cutting gap adjustment

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