Pellet Processing Systems for the Plastics and Adhesive Industries

The Gala Tumbler may be used as a defluidizer or dryer for brittle products, a pellet coater for tacky products, or a pellet classifier for any type of product.

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  • Aluminum housing with hinged doors for easy access to the drum for cleaning
  • The stainless steel drum has removable screens in each screen section for access to the drum in several places
  • The hinged doors have large windows so the operator can inspect the product and make adjustments to the drum level or drum speed while it is running
  • The tumbler has a leveling device which allows +/- 3° adjustment. This leveling device can be manual or automatic
  • The drum can be removed fully assembled and a new drum installed in its place for quicker changeovers between product runs
  • The drum can receive solids or fl uids through the inlet chute