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EBG Belt Conveyor Pelletizing System

Dry-cut belt conveyor pelletizing system

The belt conveyor pelletizing system EBG is specifically designed for the compounding of water-sensitive or highly filled (> 60 %) or fragile products in strand pelletizing and dry cut pelletizing. Variable system configuration permit a perfect adaptation to the product to be processed. Using the belt conveyor, even elastic and very flexible polymers may be handled easily and efficiently.

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  • Wide processing window
  • Retro-fitting to existing pelletizing lines possible
  • Due to linear pelletizer feed, no strand breaks
  • Very slow drawing speed possible, starting at 8 m /min - Strand cooling by air, water, or both
  • Processing belt adaptable to different pelletizing heights
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Technical Data

Throughput (kg/h)
EBG 60 100-300