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Bullet Series Strand Pelletizer

The best of both worlds

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In order to combine the cutting geometry of the Conair style Model 304 with the innovative features of the Scheer “E-Series” pelletizer, the Bullet Series was created. The merger of the two market leaders in the basic design results in a strand dry cut pelletizer that is easier and faster to clean and service. Designed for 24-hour operation, the unit is ideally suited for both laboratory and production users. The inlet and discharge chutes can be removed without tools, making this pelletizer desirable for compounders that carry out multiple material changes over several times a shift. A large pneumatic cylinder above the upper infeed roller that remains parallel with the lower roller produces a greater uniform pulling force with varying diameter strands for less scrap in production. Higher throughputs, less waste, better product quality, and ease of operation were the goals when designing the strand pelletizer.

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  • Utilizing the Best of the Conair Design and Scheer Technology
  • Ease of Operation
  • Minimal Cleaning Time
  • Minimized Pellet Hold Up Points
  • Tool-Less Entry
  • Small Foot Print
  • Recessed Electrical Panel
  • Push Pull Bed Knife Adjustment
  • Self-Tensioning Serpentine Belt Driven Lower Feedroll
  • Optional Dual Drive Available and Tungsten Carbide Rotor Option

Technical Data

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