The K 2019, the world’s largest trade show for the plastics industry, was a fantastic event for us – with a wide range of product innovations, pioneering solutions for polymer manufacturing and processing, and a completely new brand identity, we were able to impress trade show visitors from all over the world. We have fulfilled our promise NEXT LEVEL SOLUTIONS for the plastics and polymer industry. Here’s a short review ….

“It was a phenomenal trade show! We received positive feedback in every way from our customers, from prospective customers, and from our partners – on our highly innovative products, integrated solutions in the recycling area, and newly structured brand identity. Of course, the fact that we were able to sell our underwater pelletizing system PEARLO® 160 directly at the exhibition booth was a real highlight. At the same time, it confirms that we are on the right path in the MAAG Group. We have products, systems, and equipment for plastics manufacturers and plastics processors that meet the needs and future demands of the market. This confirmation from a multitude of discussions at the show spurs us on,” said Ueli Thuerig, President of MAAG Group. “I am likewise personally quite pleased by two statements that I heard far more than once during K 2019: ‘You’ve really achieved something there!’ and ‘You really have reached a next level! We are curious to see what else is coming…!’ I am making every effort to establish not only strong products, but also this new spirit, in the MAAG Group.”

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Statement of Ueli Thuerig, President MAAG Group

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Statement of Alaaddin Aydin, Vice President Maag Automatik GmbH

Product and system highlights at K 2019

We presented the international trade audience of the plastics industry a wide variety of products from our four fields of competence Pump & Filtration Systems, Pelletizing Systems, Pulverizing Systems, and Recycling Systems. Our product brands AUTOMATIK, ETTLINGER, GALA, MAAG, REDUCTION, and SCHEER were represented with their fresh new products:

Pump & Filtration Systems field of competence

  • MAAG displayed various pumps from von extrex® and vacorex® of the x6 class along with the filters CSC-HMA, ESC-BF, and FSC-OEM .
  • ETTLINGER was represented by the melt filters ECO and ERF.

The new generation of MAAG gear pumps of the extrex⁶ class once again extends the field of application by enormously improving volumetric efficiency even at higher speeds, but without higher temperature input in the product. The pressure build-up capacity of the pump at low speeds is significantly increased; thus, the window significantly extended from the minimum to the maximum delivery rate. The output may be adjusted exactly to customer-specific requirements.

The filter systems received the most interest. We received much response for the ESC-BF, a backwash filter for film extrusion for the use of regenerates. The demand for ETTLINGER’s melt filters for plastics recycling in the post-consumer sector was equally intense. Special attention was given to the completely newly developed high-performance ERF 1000 melt filter for particularly high throughput in plastics recycling. “No one else can do that right now,” was said frequently by many of the trade show visitors at the booth.

Pelletizing Systems field of competence

  • AUTOMATIK presented the PRIMO E and PRIMO FC along with the PRIMOPlus flex, which is also compatible with SCHEER rotors.
  • GALA introduced the PEARLO®, CYCLO®, and – totally new – GALA Color & Pellet Control.

The Pelletizing Systems field of competence at the MAAG Group booth received very heavy traffic. Alaaddin Aydin, Vice President Maag Germany, summed it up this way: “With two products, we have absolutely met the current needs of the industry. The PRIMO FC, which enables rapid cleaning, quick maintenance, and quiet operation, generated a good deal of interest. In addition to the promise ‘Fast Clean, Fast Change,’ this new strand pelletizer, further features have been incorporated; namely, the adjustability and readability of the cutting gap from outside, a cutting head housing that can swivel in three axes, and smart condition monitoring of the machine. Our GALA Color & Pellet Control is a real innovation for the industry. With the three core services ColorControl, ColorDosage, and automatic sampling, the product is a highly innovative solution in the area of color management and quality control for the ever more demanding plastics extrusion, compounding, and recycling industry. Better control means better raw material, a clear reduction in waste and rejects, and fewer complaints. That is an effective contribution to sustainable production. In general, the topic of networking and Industry 4.0 was a much discussed topic in all discussions with the international trade audience. Our products from MAAG Group impressed everyone as they are equipped with information technology and the corresponding interfaces.”

Pulverizing Systems field of competence

  • REDUCTION was represented by the pulverizers REX Powder and COLORex.

The pulverizer REX Powder can be used versatilely for powder samples of the highest quality or for small batches. The system serves a wide range of materials, from technical polymers to rubber, adhesives, recycled materials, pharmaceuticals, and foodstuffs. The COLORex Mixer is impressive as an excellent alternative to conventional high-speed mixers, the cleaning and maintenance of which is time-consuming and expensive. Natural raw pellets, pigments, and additives can be homeogeneously colored directly from the powderizer.

Recycling Systems field of competence

  • MAAG Group Recycling Line

By showing our Recycling Line at K 2019, we demonstrated that we have the right products and corresponding integrated systems for demanding recycling challenges and for the demands of sustainable closed-loop recycling. The new director of Recycling Systems, Volker Neuber, is driving forward the strategic focus of the recycling business in MAAG Group, as the need for recycling solutions in the plastics industry is steadily increasing and represents enormous potential for growth.

Experiences at the K 2019 trade show

K 2019 press conference

K 2019 press conference

We welcomed about 20 journalists from well-known international trade magazines to our K 2019 press conference. They were intensively informed of the innovations, fields of competence, and orientation of MAAG Group.

K 2019 – our trainees visit

K 2019 – our trainees visit

On the Saturday of the show, our 40 trainees from Germany visited our booth. During a special tour of the booth, they had a new look at products and systems along with the importance of such a trade show appearance for the success of the company.

Circular Economy Initiative of the VDMA

Circular Economy Initiative of the VDMA

The circular economy is becoming an increasingly important topic in plastics manufacturing and processing. We showed our achievements in this area at our booth with our recycling line. We were also represented at the pavilion of the VDMA with this topic. (VDMA is the Mechanical Engineering Industry Association.)

K 2019 party at our booth

K 2019 party at our booth

Of course, our booth party was part of a special trade show experience. We spent a happy evening at our booth with customers and partners. Musical accompaniment, tasty finger food, delicious drinks, and numerous conversations turned the evening into a successful party at the booth.

Overall, visiting the K 2019 trade show was a special experience for everyone, whether trade show visitors, journalists, or MAAG Group employees. In autumn, we are still on the road at various trade shows around the world to make our innovative products known around the globe.

Dates of the next trade shows: