Highest quality standards

We are proud of our high degree of in-house production capabilities. Key components of MAAG Group’s products are manufactured in our plants: shafts for our gear pumps, knife production, die plates and rotors for pelletizers as well as disposable discs for our pulverizers. Our highly qualified employees bring their expertise and experience to every project to ensure MAAG’s highest quality standards are met consistently.

We meet our customer requirements with defined processes, procedures and approach. Our goal is to provide the customer with a sustainable and high-quality product. In cooperation with our customers, customer-specific tests can be included in machine orders. Modern testing equipment helps us to meet the high quality standards. Regular supplier evaluations warn us at an early stage of quality problems that may affect our commitments. Highly trained personnel allow us to supply our customers with products that exceed expectations.

Our high quality standards are based on certified processes that we adhere to at our sites worldwide. In Oberglatt, for example, the products we manufacture ourselves are checked by our Material Inspector in the in-house production control department. With a 3D measuring machine we carry out precise measurements and inspections. At the same time, the castings are checked with ultrasound during the material inspection.

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Employee training

We ensure the quality of our products by, among other things, shaping our future with apprentices and trainees in our learning workshops located in Switzerland and Germany.  Our training workshops include commercial and industrial/technical professions across MAAG. We also give great importance to the advanced training of our employees, which we encourage and support.

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“Originals, not copies!”

Our competence is built on the expertise that every one of us brings to the table. Our customers benefit from independent consulting, based on our process and application know-how. But quality is not only expertise, it is also sustainability! We prove this with our machines, which still deliver what they promised after 20 years! Our products are “Made in Switzerland”, “Made in Germany”, “Made in USA” – with MAAG you get the originals, not copies!

Holistic solutions

The circular economy demands holistic recycling solutions. MAAG Group offers solutions that reduce production waste, further drive the efficient use of energy and raw materials and ensure recyclability at the end of a product’s life cycle.

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We also offer complete downstream solutions, including pelletizing. With our completely redesigned pelletizers customers can achieve up to 40 percent more output. Plant availability has also been increased and the service life of wear parts significantly extended, minimizing unplanned downtime. This in turn leads to significantly reduced production waste as a result of frequent startup and shutdown of the lines. This also means that we can offer smaller plants improved performance and reliability. MAAG Group pelletizing systems deliver reduced installation space, lower energy consumption and less production waste with improved product quality.

At the heart of MAAG Recycling Systems is the high-performance Ettlinger melt filter, which, depending on the application, can extract up to 16 percent weight volume from the plastic – with minimal material loss.

Our sixth generation melt pump, now available for recycling applications, can tolerate particle sizes of up to 6 millimeters. With recent design improvements the service life has been doubled even in post-consumer recycling applications.

Reduction of emissions

With a photovoltaic system on the roof of our production facility in Oberglatt, Switzerland, we want to set a good example. MAAG will use nearly 60% of the 750,000 kWh/year generated by our solar system. This represents a total of 440’000 KWh/year, which is 45% of the total energy consumption of our production operations. With the system we will avoid the emission of 61’500 kg CO2 into the atmosphere yearly. The surplus will be fed in the public network to serve the local community with green energy.

We remain focused on operating sustainably and while leveraging and empowering the full potential of our employees to help our customers meet their goals.