MAAG Group is presenting three new strand pelletizers.

With the PRIMO 100E the MAAG Group brand Automatik Pelletizing Systems completes its product portfolio in the field of single-sided strand pelletizers for the compounding market. The system offers the possibility of efficiently processing highly filled products in lower throughput ranges. There is further growth in the PRIMO family – the PRIMO PLUSFlex is the link between proven PRIMOPlus technology and the cutting rotors of the Scheer brand.


Simple and fast cleaning of the product areas with low deposits combined with short changeover times of the cutting and feeding tools characterize the E-machines of the PRIMO series. The PRIMO 100E completes the product portfolio with a robust, one-sided dry-cut strand pelletizer for lower throughput ranges.

The PRIMO 100E is particularly suitable for compounding thermoplastics, functional or additive masterbatch production and the production of color concentrates up to a line throughput of 1,000 kg per hour. Like the Primo 200E, the 100E scores points with its unique cutting geometry with a flat entry angle and the shortest unguided length between the feed rollers and cutting unit. This geometry allows a straight-line guidance to the cutting tools and guarantees high cut quality for hard as well as very soft or brittle plastic strands.

In addition to the standard elastomer feed roller a separately driven, highly wear-resistant metal feed roller will be available on the Primo 100E. The granule length can be easily changed during operation by means of a second optional drive – so called dual drive.

As a versatile all-rounder or as a specialist for very hard, abrasive or soft and flexible plastics, the dry-cut pelletizers of the PRIMO E series are a reliable partner in your compounding process.

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Proven PRIMOPlus technology meets Scheer cutting tools. Since their introduction on the market PRIMOPlus dry-cut strand pelletizers have been used in a wide variety of applications. Starting at the granulation of base polymers and recycling products, processing of highly filled compounds ending with the pelletizing of high-performance polymers processed with different granule lengths from micro to LGF, the PRIMOPlus is the first choice when it comes to demanding pelletizing processes.

In the Flex version the PRIMOPlus is now available for the first time in combination with the 200mm cutting rotors known from the Scheer portfolio. The segmented rotor geometry is maintained, which brings benefits especially for larger machines due to the modular structure. Customers with different brand strand pelletizers can now utilize interchangeable cutting tools. The cutting rotor segments from the Scheer portfolio are compatible with the cutting tools of the PRIMO E series and as well as with the Flex version of the PRIMOPlus.

With the PRIMO PLUSFlex our customers receive all advantages of a solid strand pelletizer which has been continuously developed since the market launch, with the full option package from Automatik Pelletizing Systems. This means granulation at the highest level, maximum flexibility and compatibility with your core component portfolio.

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The PRIMO FC is a concept strand pelletizer of the MAAG Group. Interviews with customers have always led to three points: easy to clean, easy and quick to maintain, less loud – we have responded to these requests. The new strand pelletizer features a number of innovative features, namely the adjustment and readability of the cutting gap size from the outside, a cutting head housing swiveling in 3 axes and a smart condition monitoring of the machine.

Years of experience with the PRIMOPlus cutting geometry is maintained and guarantees interchangeability of the central components of the cutting unit. A change of the core components is greatly simplified. The replacement of the cutting rotor takes just as long as an exchange of the complete feed unit, not more than 30 minutes. By means of axial disassembly through the cutting head side wall, the core components can be lifted vertically out of the machine.

The bottom of the cutting head and the granule outlet are easily accessible by a lateral pivoting of the complete pelletizer housing. The granule outlet is simply inserted without additional fixations – an exchange is done without tools in 2 minutes. Furthermore, the cutting chamber flap can be opened in the strand axis which also includes the strand inlet. This means that in case of blockage of the infeed unit by strands, the complete cutting head can still be opened and the material jam can be removed quickly.

The cutting rotor is powered by a strong direct drive which can handle a wide range of products such as micro-pellets or LGF granules without an additional gearbox.

The PRIMO FC concept shows that we have the opportunity and the drive to work together and break new ground, because today’s innovations are the standard of tomorrow.