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Reliable filtration and the cleaning of contaminated polymer melts is the basis to reuse the large quantities of plastics from post industrial and post consumer processes. These present a valuable resource for new high quality products.

ETTLINGER melt filters are the perfect technology for processing a variety of recycled materials. Their patented filter principle has already demonstrated its functionality and performance in many industrial applications throughout the globe. The ETTLINGER ERF and ECO series are capable of processing virtually any standard polymer that occurs in recycling plants, sheet and film manufacturing, tape and fiber production, or the compounding industry.


The new high performance melt filter ETTLINGER ERF 1000 is the largest available model and sets a new benchmark in terms of effiency and performance. Suitable for the processing of materials with up to 16% contamination the throughput capacity reaches up to 10,000 kg/h. Dispite high degrees of contamination the melt filter is guaranteed to remain in use for long periods without necessary filter changes. ERF melt filters are mostly employed in repelletizing lines, but they are also successfully employed for sheet and profile extrusion.


The continuous melt filters in the ECO series are equally suited for filtering polymer feedstock from industrial waste with a low level of contamination or lightly contaminated post-consumer waste, and they can also be used for clean virgin material. Despite the capability of processing a wide range of polymers the ECO melt filters are mainly used in PET and PA applications, ideally in extrusion systems. ECO high performance melt filters are available in three different sizes enabling throughputs of up to 6,000 kg/h.

We once more set the benchmark of efficiency in our favor with the ETTLINGER melt filters ECO and ERF. They are among the best melt filters for recycling and compounding applications currently available on the market.

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