For industrial applications the processed medias vary widely from corrosive and abrasive media, to high pressures, high viscosities, and high temperatures. Our new innovations MAAG dosixTM and MAAG flexinoxTM further extend our portfolio and satisfy the demand for precise dosing an conveying units for those widely diversified medias.

The quality requirements for industrial applications are very stringent and diversified thanks to the chemical properties of the conveyed media. Due to their chemical resistance the MAAG dosix and MAAG flexinox gear pumps are used for different chemicals involving highly pure, corrosive, viscous or very hot media, e.g. acids, solvents, molten suphur, and flavours or fragrances but also for food and pharma processes.

The housing cover of both pumps consists of a three-piece configuration that facilitates maintenance and the replacement of internal parts, i.e. gears and bearings.

MAAG dosixTM – The new dosing gear pumps

The MAAG dosixTM is corrosion resistant and electrically heatable especially designed for small throughputs. The superior dosing precision of the pump makes it an ideal solution for applications such as flavours and fragrances that require the accurate dosing of low viscosity scent and aroma components. The new dosix is available in five different sizes.

MAAG flexinoxTM – The new conveying gear pumps

The MAAG flexinoxTM gear pumps are also corrosion resistant and can be heated, either electricall or by fluid. The flow rates are higher compared to the dosix and the application range is extended to resins and various plastics, e.g. precursors of carbon fibres. The new MAAG flexinox is available in four diffent sizes.

The benefit of MAAG Group industrial gear pumps

The great benefit of MAAG gear pumps is the fact that a wide range of components and materials is available, making it far superior to standard pumps in terms of performance and reliability. The pumps can be configured individually to meet your demanding requirements.

Further developments are coming soon! Stay up to date!

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