Industrial pumps for demanding requirements – Conveying, dosing, supplying

MAAG Group gear pumps are running under the most demanding conditions in many processes all over the world. Their outstanding reliability is a result of more than 100 years of experience. The expertise gathered over those years allows us to quickly and reliably configure gear pumps specific to your requirements.

The robust design of the MAAG gear pump, featuring product-lubricated bearings, allows for performance and reliability in the most difficult conditions including corrosive and abrasive media, high pressure, high viscosity, and high temperature. The mechanical components of every gear pump meet very high accuracy standards making them perfect for precise dosing applications. Conveying applications require a steady throughput under varying pressure conditions making them an ideal match for gear pump technology. Our optimized flow channels and unique design also make our gear pumps the perfect choice when it comes to supplying high-viscosity product from high pressure or vacuum feed.

Industrial applications for external gear pumps

Carbon Fibres

MAAG pumps typically serve as a dope feed or transfer pump in processing the carbon fibres. Considering the Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) in DMAc Solution, with about 20% of PAN in 80% solvent like DMAc (Dimethylacetamide) or DMSO (Dimethylsulfoxide), also consisting other components and small amounts of water, the mixture has to be pumped through a tiny injector into a chamber where the solvent evaporates and a solid fibre is left. For this purpose, MAAG pumps are designed to convey and dose the solution with the high efficiency.

Gum Base

Processing of gum bases (elastomers, resins, waxes, fats, emulsifiers, fillers and antioxidants) involves several stages such as melting of the gum base, mixing other ingredients and rolling of finished gum. Here, MAAG pumps typically serve, as transfer pumps or as booster pumps in each stage.

Hot Melt

For hot melt adhesives used primarily for packaging, textiles, labels, tapes, pressure sensitive applications and other disposable products like stamps, MAAG provides metering, transfer, loading and booster pumps. For instance, in front of a spray nozzle.

Molten Sulfur

Its production is ever increasing in refineries, natural gas plants, sulphuric acid plants, chemical production such as rubber additives or even in food products. It is also rapidly reaching new industries. Hence, safe handling of molten sulfur and the associated hydrogen sulfide emissions is becoming critical. MAAG pumps usually aid as High Temperature transfer pumps for such precarious applications.


For this application, MAAG pumps are used as a Spinning or Dosing pumps. Spandex or elastane is a synthetic stretchy chemical fibre known for its exceptional elasticity. It exhibits properties similar to rubber, but is more solid and significantly more durable. Possessing viscosity of up to 1,000,000 mPas, the entire process requires a short dwelling time and is carried out under nitrogen (N2) because the medium reacts to oxygen. MAAG pumps with their special inlet and seal design fulfils the necessary requirements of all stages.

Vinyl Alcohol

The production of Ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH) is a two-step process of polymerization and saponification. Ethylene and vinyl acetate are polymerized using an initiator/ activator complex. MAAG pumps serve as a transfer pumps for all stages in the process.


MAAG offers customized solutions with special bearings, special sealing designs for applications such as Grease lubrication, lubrication by liquid oil or atomized oil (oil mist), or even pressurized pure oil lubrication to meet adverse requirements in terms of pressure, viscosity and temperature.

Flavours & Fragrances

Usually a mixture of raw products (fruits, herbs, etc.) and a base solvent (alcohol, acids, etc.). When it comes to manufacturing aromas, it’s all about the highly  accurate dosing of low viscosity scent and aroma components. MAAG pumps serve as low viscous distillate removal and corrosive residue removal pumps or serve  as dosing pumps to accurately dose flavor additives into perfume.

Food & Pharma

MAAG can offer food-compliant pump executions with stainless steel housings/shafts, ceramic bearings and FDA certified sealings. With their good priming capability, MAAG pumps are well suitable in the pharmaceutical process where the temperatures vary widely, media have low viscosity and accuracy of flow rates  is extremely important.


The chemical industry is one of the most important economic sectors. It is the foundation and engine for new and innovative products and materials. The manufacture of chemical base substances as raw materials for plastic products, food and chemical poducts calls for the highest standard of precision and care.

You cannot find a particular application you are looking for?

We offer a wide range of the most demanding industrial applications. Our experts will find the perfect solution for you.

The benefits of MAAG Group industrial pumps

MAAG Group external gear pumps offer a great amount of benefits. We manufacture all parts and core components in-house, which guarantees reliability and long life of our extensive portfolio of external gear pumps and other components, i.e. seals. Our products provide easy maintenance and replacement of internal parts. A precise displacement volume or dosing accuracy combined with less pulsation during the pumping phase, low shear, low NPSHr at a high energy efficiency. No matter the media – MAAG industrial pumps are able to operate under a wider range of temperature, pressure and viscosity.

From a broad range of components to individual system solutions

MAAG not only supplies the pump head itself but also a lot of useful accessories and entire pump systems such as:

  • motors
  • gears

  • drive shafts

  • mechanical or magnetic couplings

  • flanges

  • fixing frames

  • flush tanks

  • safety valves

  • temperature controls

Cutting-edge industrial pumps

MAAG is known worldwide as a pioneer and technology leader in the development and manufacturing of gear pump systems and solutions. MAAG has always  focused on keeping its technology up-to-date and tailor it to meet the needs of individual customers. We promise to go beyond your expectations in this regard.

Get more details about our industrial pump portfolio

MAAG | Industrial Gear Pump | flexinox™

Our new industrial pumps set a new benchmark in the market for high dosing precision and corrosion resistance with even wider temperature ranges.

dosix™ – Dosing pumps

MAAG dosing gear pumps are corrosion resistant and electrically heatable conveying units, especially designated for the small throughputs; their three-piece configuration facilitates maintenance and replacement of internal parts, such as gears and bearings. Thanks to the wide range of components and materials  available, dosix™ pumps can be configured to suit customers specific requirements and therefore, are far superior to standard pumps in terms of performance and reliability.

MAAG | Industrial Gear Pump Performance | dosix

flexinox™ – Conveying pumps

MAAG flexinox™ pumps are corrosion resistant conveying units; they satisfy the stringent quality requirements of today’s chemical processing industry and their three-piece configuration facilitates maintenance and replacement of internal parts, such as gears and bearings. They can be heated either electrically or with fluid.
Thanks to the extensive range of components and materials available, MAAG gear pumps can be configured to suit customers specific requirements and therefore, are far superior to standard pumps in terms of performance and reliability.

MAAG | Industrial Gear Pump Performance | flexinox

Are you interested in our corrosion-resistant gear pumps for chemical processes?

Other industrial gear pumps

Every one of our gear pumps is a specialist for particular applications. Our wide-ranging portfolio meets the most demanding requirements from dosing and metering pumps for high precision to highly corrosion resistant discharge or reactor pumps with large throughputs.

MAAG | Chemical transfer gear pump| cinox® therminox®

cinox® and therminox® – Corrosion-resistant gear pumps for chemical processes

cinox® and therminox® gear pumps are corrosion resistant and heatable stainless steel conveying units that satisfy the stringent quality requirements of today’s chemical processing industry. Whether the applications involve highly pure, corrosive, viscous or very hot media, MAAG pump systems hold the solution to meet every pumping challenge. cinox® and therminox® are especially suitable for medium-high flow rates.

MAAG | Discharge pump | cinox-V therminox-V

cinox-V®  and therminox-V® – Stainless steel discharge pumps for chemical processes

The pump models cinox®-V therminox®-V are discharge pumps. They have been designed for highly viscous fluids, which are gently extracted from reactors and degassing devices even when the inlet pressure is low, ensuring optimum filling characteristics and short dwell times. This new pump series combines the outstanding flow characteristics of the polymer pumps with the exacting requirements of the chemical industry.

MAAG | External gear pump | refinex® refitherm®

refinex® refitherm® – Cast steel gear pumps for industrial / petrochemical processes

Refinery and industrial plant applications are challenging. High process pressures and high temperatures are commonplace in such environments. Precisely in these environments MAAG gear pumps develop their full potential. Thanks to the extensive range of components and materials of constructions to choose from, MAAG gear pumps can be configured to suit customers specific requirements and therefore, are far superior to standard pumps in terms of performance and reliability.

MAAG | Industrial Pump | hydrolub®

hydrolub® – Grey cast iron gear pump for industrial processes

Continuously operated equipment calls for reliable components. Whether in lubrication oil applications or in processing plants, a pump is required to work reliably and longlasting. Thanks to the extensive range of components and pump sizes, hydrolub® can be configured to suit customers’ specific requirements and therefore, are far superior to standard pumps in terms of performance.

Conveying, dosing, supplying – Applications at site

MAAG industrial gear pumps are used in various phases in production or media transfer. External gear pumps convey the media from one production phase to the next and therefore are required to work continuously and reliably. They need to withstand high pressures, high temperatures and highly corrosive materials but at the same time with the highest possible safety for operation.

Worldwide service for industrial pumps

We offer far more than only the product. Our experts support you worldwide with the start-up of new equipment at your site to ensure optimum performance. In case of necessary repairs and maintenance our global service teams stand by your side to keep your production running at the highest level for many years to come.

Additionally, we offer an extensive portfolio of original spare parts with stock items ready-to-ship within 6 days. With this service, we make it possible for your business to continue running without major delays if trouble occurs. Obviously, we also supply parts for systems which you have had in operation for a long time, well beyond the contractual supply period.

Further modifications and upgrades post-sale are always possible to keep your pumps up to date providing you with a great level of flexibility in case of changing process requirements. We are always available on our hotline for urgent requests.

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