MAAG has been manufacturing precision die plates for its underwater pelletizers since the late 1970s. The die plate is the heart of the underwater pelletizing system. All of our die plates are custom designed to fit each customer’s specific polymer requirements. The material of construction and wear face material are determined by the specifications of the Customer’s application. All die face surface materials provide maximum life before resurfacing is required. Our standard electrically heated die is suitable for most applications; however, oil or steam heating can be utilized. The dies are available in one-piece design or in our patented two-piece design. The advantage of the two-piece design is the center (Insert) of the die can be quickly removed from the main body for routine maintenance or simply a need to change to a different die configuration. This is especially beneficial with frequent product changes in that you do not have to remove your heaters in order to make the die plate insert change. Continuous research and development is being invested in our dies to ensure our customers have the most energy efficient, operator friendly pellet production system available.

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