High Performance Melt Filter ERF

The continuous melt filters in the ERF series are suitable for materials with up to 16% by weight contamination and are guaranteed to remain in use for long periods without changing the filter. Our ERF melt filters are capable of processing a wide range of polymers (e.g. LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, PS, ABS, PC / ABS, TPE, TPU, POM). All solid or elastomer foreign particles such as paper,wood, aluminum, copper, rubber, silicone, or high-melting polymer composites are efficiently removed.
The classic application for ERF melt filters is repelletizing lines, but they are also successfully employed for sheet and profile extrusion. ERF melt filters can in principle be used in any extrusion line – either single or twin-screw and irrespective of the type of pelletizing system or other downstream unit. Three different sizes enable throughputs from 150 to 10,000 kg/h depending on the application.

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ERF continuous melt filters are suitable for processing all standard polyolefins and polystyrenes with the exception of PVC; they are designed to remove foreign particles such as paper, aluminum, wood, elastomers (rubber, silicone) or high-melting polymer composites from heavily contaminated materials.

Packaging film

Contaminant Paper, 1-3%
Melt loss 1-2%

Yogurt cup punchings

Contaminant Aluminum, PET, 3-5%
Melt loss 2-4%

Household garbage

Contaminant Paper, wood, aluminum, other polymers, rubber, 3-5%
Melt loss 2-4%


Contaminant Aluminum, 8-10%
Melt loss 5-6%

Refrigerator waste

Contaminant Aluminum, wood, other polymers, rubber, 2-3%
Melt loss 1.5-2%

Bottle caps

Contaminant PET, paper, 2-5%
Melt loss 1.5-4%

Recycled bumpers

Contaminant Paint, rubber, 1-2%
Melt loss 1-1.5%

Elektronic waste

Contaminant paper, aluminium 1-2%
Melt loss 0.5-1%

Detergent and cosmetics bottles

HDPE blow film
Contaminant Paper, aluminum, 1-2%
Melt loss 1-1.5%

Polystyrene sheets

Contaminant EPS, Wood, 2-3%
Melt loss 1-1.5%


Contaminant Silicones, rubber, 2-3%
Melt loss 1.5-2%

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  • Fully automatic, continuous operation
  • Up to 18% contaminants removed
  • Extremely low melt losses
  • More reliable processing due to constant pressure at the filter outlet
  • No need to replace the screen for several weeks, or possibly months, depending on the material and the application
  • Completely closed system with no entrapped air
  • Short contaminant residence times in the filter
  • Very simple replacement of the scraper from outside using a hydraulic cylinder
  • Elastomers (rubber, silicone) are efficiently filtered and discharged before they have a chance to be forced through the filter screen
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Technical Data

Débit (kg/h)
ERF 350: 3800 | ERF 500: 6000 | ERF 1000: 10000
Poids en kg
ERF 350: 1000 | ERF 500: 3300 | ERF 1000: 5500
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