Underwater pelletizers for highly profitable throughput rates of up to 36,000 kg per hour

The PEARLO® underwater pelletizer has been designed to process a wide range of polymers and thermoplastics. PEARLO® works perfectly with our process water system PURO® and pellet dryer CYCLO® and produces first-class spherical pellets. This extremely efficient and flexible system is applied in the production of raw materials, compounds, masterbatches, engineeringg plastics, organic and wood polymer composites, thermoplastics elastomers, hot-melt adhesives, rubber, and more. We help our customers to achieve the maximum level of profitability with the know-how of an installed base of more than 7,000 underwater pelletizers.

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  • Outstanding pellet quality due to unique cutter hub design and optimized water flow within the cutting chamber
  • Single-handed opening and closing of cutting chamber is quick, convenient and safe
  • Fast product changeover -- cleaning, assembly and start-up are kept to a minimum
  • Unrivalled long lifetime of the cutting tools supported by advanced designs of cutter hub and cutting chamber
  • Maintenance-free automated (EAC) or manual blade adjustment for highest process stability

Technical Data

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