eXso dryer

Advanced Pellet Drying for Compounding and Recycling

MAAG Gala’s eXso centrifugal dryers are engineered to reduce cost through efficient changeover and higher reliability

  • Direct drive rotor eliminates belts and pulleys reducing maintenance requirements
  • 66% more interior access for efficient cleaning and inspection between runs
  • Optimized rotor to housing ratio for proven drying effectiveness
  • Interior lighting (optional) and large inspection window to monitor performance


Suitable for




  • Pellet rate can be increased from the eXso 320 to 320+ in the field
  • Wear items for eXso 320 and 320+ are interchangeable reducing
  • Spare inventory requirements
  • Horizontal or vertical pellet inlet
  • Compatible with any locking system
  • Options: Interior lighting, Noise abatement below 80dB