« Is the investment worth it? How is the service? How long do I get spare parts? » These are the questions plant operators in a wide variety of industries are confronted with when it comes to investing in new machines and systems. A new investment must be future-proof and also enable smooth production for many years to come. This is exactly what the products of the MAAG Group guarantee. They are known for their high quality in terms of durability and efficiency.

The MAAG Group’s integrated solutions for the polymer, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries are cutting-edge technology characterised by top quality, durability and efficiency. In order to guarantee optimum function and performance over decades, the MAAG Group offers a worldwide service that goes far beyond mere inspection and maintenance.

Future security is important for both large and small investments and requires the possibility of continuous modernization of plants and machines in order to keep pace with new developments and at the same time become more efficient. The MAAG Group’s upgrades and technology service offers many possibilities for the optimization of pelletizing systems, powder mills and recycling systems. In addition to the modernisation of machines and plants, throughputs can also be increased. For this purpose, suitable retrofit kits are provided for a wide variety of applications, such as disposable grinding discs for pulverizers. Customer requirements can also change over a long period of time. Corresponding conversion kits for adapting existing machines to current requirements are also available.

Even the best machines require wear parts to be replaced from time to time if they are used permanently. The MAAG Group’s service concept ensures that original spare parts are available at any time and that rotors and die plates are ground in the shortest possible time. This not only reduces downtimes to a minimum and keeps additional costs as low as possible, but also ensures that the quality of the end products remains constant over the long term. We base all maintenance and repairs on the highest possible quality standards, as you would expect from a manufacturer.

One of our extrusion pumps had developed a seal leak after 19 years of great service, so we sent it in for evaluation and repair.  Maag’s service and maintenance team bent over backwards to get me my pump back before our start-up of a critical line.  The communication and service was some of the best I have experienced in my maintenance career.

Phil Kluetz, Profol Maintenance Manager

Our employees from all service areas of the MAAG Group stand by our customers worldwide with great enthusiasm and commitment – around the clock, 7 days a week, all year round. So that the production day runs safely and reliably day in, day out. Investments in system solutions from the MAAG Group therefore pay off over decades and give our customers planning security and the good feeling of being able to fully rely on our products and services.