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Road to K-Show2022-08-11T12:17:22+02:00

Road 2 K-Show

In the next days until K-2022 in Duesseldorf, Germany, we will take you with us once a month on our Road2K journey and tell you about highlights of the MAAG Group that you may not have known about.

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19. – 26.10.2022
Hall 9 / A02
Düsseldorf, Germany

Road2K – Customer Focus

Understanding our customers needs is one of our greatest competences. When developing new products or designing complex systems, the focus is always on the customer and his specific needs. Together we can find the best solutions. Find out, how MAAG Group focuses on it’s customers …


Road2K – Innovations

By listening to our customers and studying the markets we engage in, we identify trends at an early stage. We anticipate market changes and develop solutions for tomorrow's needs. As a leading and innovative solution provider, the MAAG Group stands for technological progress. We create real added value and secure the competitive edge of our customers. Take a look at MAAG Group's INNOVATIONS that will be shown at K-Show 2022.


Road2K – Quality and Sustainability

We are proud of our high degree of in-house production capability. Key components of MAAG Group's products are manufactured in our plants by our highly qualified employees who bring their expertise and experience to every project to ensure MAAG´s highest quality standards. Find out more about MAAG Group's standards …


Road2K – Service / Test Center

At our five MAAG Group test and development centers, we support our customers to develop new products and processes. We offer pelletizing trials with your materials, prototype testing and practical trainings. True partnerships with our customers are important to us. Learn more about our Test and Development capabilities …


Road2K – Global Footprint

Our global footprint is no coincidence – we are where our customers are. With worldwide service locations and first class services we ensure your effective production. MAAG Group offers readily available spare parts, maintenance, inspection, and repair, as well as comprehensive services for training, testing, and development. Find out where we are …


Road2K – Installed Base & Process Know-How

With 76,000 machines and systems installed at over 25,000 customer sites, MAAG Group has built a high level of expertise in pump, filtration, pelletizing, pulverizing and recycling technology. - Our systems touch 1/3 of the global plastics production! All components, products and systems of our brands are of the highest quality and offer excellent performance value. Find out more about MAAG Group's installed base …


Road2K – History & Experience

For more than a century MAAG Group has been offering customized product solutions and services to maximize your performance in plastics production and processing. But how did the MAAG companies start their business? We bet, you did not know, GALA has invented a Diaper Fastener way back in the 1950s. Find out more about MAAG Group's history …


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System integration:

MAAG Group is the premium supplier for the plastics processing industry. Our mission is to offer highly efficient solutions with advanced products, integrated systems and well thought-out service packages.

Find out what system integration means, visit us at K!

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