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Strand Pelletizer T200 Series

Tipped Access for quick cleaning

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The T200 Series Strand Pelletizer has been designed to substantially reduce maintenance and cleaning time by strand pelletizing and dry cut pelletizing. What would typically take 30 minutes to disassemble now takes only 2 minutes. Hand knobs and the pivoting feedroll assembly “tips” forward for access to the lower feedroll and bed knife for easy cleaning and adjustment. The T200 Series can produce up to 6000 lbs/hr while running 85 strands at 700 RPM for manufacturing. The specific gravity for the materials being pelletized may increase or decrease the capacity. A Stellite tipped rotor on a 3˚ helix provides scissor-like cutting action for clean quality pellets. Rotor to bed knife adjustment is easily accomplished with the use of eccentrics. The eccentrics allow the rotor to be dialed into the bed knife to provide precise adjustments for even cuts. The lower feedroll also operates with eccentrics minimizing the gap between the doctor blade and the lower feedroll. The solid carbide bed knife is very economical with four usable edges. A Hypalon upper feedroll and diamond-knurled lower feedroll is belt driven for uniform pulling force on the incoming strands. The upper feedroll is offset, directing strands directly into the bed knife, producing quality pellets. Safety features include safety interlocks and a dynamic braking system. The rotor automatically stops before the cover can be opened to avoid injury. The T200 Series Strand Pelletizer offers a variety of options. Quick-ship machines, spare part deliveries, and rotor sharpening service are all part of Reduction Engineering Scheer’s guarantee of service and manufacturing excellence.

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  • Tipped design for quick cleaning
  • Tool less entry
  • Stainless steel contact areas
  • Optimum strand control
  • Optional wear package for abrasive materials
  • 3° Helical Milling Style Rotor
  • Dual drive option available

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