Filtration systems and screen changers for industrial applications

Filtration is a process that separates or cleans substances. The mechanical separation processes of MAAG filtration systems are physical. The principles are applied in filters and screen changers for separation and cleaning of plastic melts, chemical substances, and lubricants. They are also used in recycling, extrusion, rotomolding, in general industrial applications, and in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

MAAG filter systems and screen changers

Screenchanger Large Area Filtration
MAAG | Double piston screen changer filtration | CSC


Continuous CSC screen changers from MAAG with their robust and leak-free operation meet highest quality standards with respect to melt filtration systems. Because of their constantly improved functionality, continuous screen changers from [...]

Application: Compounding • Extrusion • Industry • Masterbatch • Polymer production • Recycling
Category: Filtration
MAAG | Double piston screen changer system | CSC-R


Large-area screen changers from MAAG are based on the sturdy and proven double-piston screen changer design. The patent-registered curved screen plate provides four times more active screen area than a conventional screen changer with [...]

Application: Compounding • Extrusion • Masterbatch • Polymer production
Category: Filtration
MAAG | Filtration system screen changer | CSC/BF-4F


MAAG backflush automatic self cleaning screen changers are based on the proven double-piston design which operates without any mechanical seals. The screen changers are equipped with four screen cavities. This design is used mainly in [...]

Application: Polymer production • Recycling
Category: Filtration
MAAG | Single piston screen changer filtration | DSC


The discontinuously operating single piston screen changer, equipped with a screen cavity, offers a robust and economic alternative for extrusion and compounding applications which permit a brief interruption in the melt flow when changing [...]

Application: Compounding • Extrusion • Masterbatch • Polymer production
Category: Filtration
MAAG | Polymer processing filtration system | duplex


MAAG’s duplex polymer filtration system was designed with considerable input from our customers. The result is a patented polymer filter system that offers process benefits such as minimized residence time and improved heat transfer [...]

Application: Compounding • Industry • Masterbatch • Polymer production
Category: Filtration

ECO Series

Melt flows from the outside to the inside of a rotating filter screen with a large number of conical holes. The contaminants contained in the melt remain on the filter surface; they are removed from the screen by a scraper at the latest [...]

Application: Recycling
Category: Continuous Melt Filters • Filtration
MAAG | Hydraulic screen changer for filtration | FSC


FSC hydraulic screen changers from MAAG are equipped with a pressure-adaptive sealing system as a standard for filtration systems. Thanks to this sealing system, the required sealing forces are automatically adjusted by the screen changer [...]

Application: Compounding • Extrusion • Industry • Masterbatch • Polymer production
Category: Filtration
MAAG | Manual plate screen changer filtration | HSC


Manual screen changers from MAAG have been the first choice of cost-effective filtration systems in extrusion lines for many years. Starting at size 45, the manual screen changers optionally come with transmission gearing. Here, the [...]

Application: Compounding • Extrusion • Industry • Masterbatch • Polymer production
Category: Filtration
MAAG | Polymer filter for filtration | micronex


MAAG offers high-quality polymer filter elements designed for long term use and multiple cleanings. MAAG can provide standard design polymer application or build to your requirements regarding:

  • Type of mesh
  • Number of [...]

Category: Filtration
MAAG | Polymer filter for masterbatch | multinex


MAAG multinex polymer filter candles are tailor-made for use in continuously operating dual bolt screen changers of the MAAG CSC-P/C series for polymer filtration.Compared to typical polymer application round screen plates, they [...]

Application: Masterbatch • Polymer production
Category: Filtration
MAAG | Polymer filters for industry | simplex


MAAG-designed simplex polymer filter systems can be provided with either fixed or removable vessels. A compact preheat station with spare vessel is also available for locating near the polymer processing line for quick changeout. They are [...]

Application: Extrusion • Industry • Masterbatch • Polymer production
Category: Filtration
MAAG | Single piston screen changer solution | SSC


The compact single-piston screen changers SSC from MAAG provide a cost-effective filtration alternative for extrusion applications which allow for interruptions in the melt stream during screen changeovers. SSC operate without any [...]

Application: Compounding • Extrusion • Masterbatch • Polymer production
Category: Filtration

The right filtration system for every need

Thanks to its wide range of filter systems and screen changers, MAAG covers a wide range of basic filtration performance requirements. The decisive factor in choosing the best system is to answer the critical questions in advance. These include:

What filtration capacity is required? Will the screens or filters be backflushed during operation? What types, quantities and sizes of standard contaminants will normally be encountered? What is the target throughput rate? …

Questions regarding the filters, filtration systems and screen changers will of course be adapted to the individual situation of each plant by MAAG’s experts based on their many years of experience. The fact is that polymer production requires wide-ranging types of filters and screen changers in order to produce the highest quality plastic.

Whether standard or custom-made, MAAG has filter systems in its portfolio that meet the increasingly specific requirements in terms of product quality, productivity, handling and maintenance. Integrated and customized solutions for the filtration of plastic melts in the manufacturing process are the goal. The range covers numerous applications such as polymers, thermoplastics, PVC, compounding, masterbatches, micropellets, recycling, as well as food polymers.


Why filtration?

Dust particles from the environment, metal fragments detached from the machines, material waste from previous processing steps, and other factors, can damage the process for the production and high-quality processing of polymers. Such contaminants interrupt production, and degrade the quality of the end product, impairing its value and marketability. This applies equally to small and very large plants that process polymers of all kinds.

Filtration systems and screen changers prevent contamination by separating the contaminants from the polymers without interrupting the production process.

MAAG’s various filter and screen changer solutions for plastics production are aimed at significantly reducing the damage caused by contaminated materials in production.

Screen changers from MAAG

MAAG screen changers fulfill many requirements of the polymer industry. There are manual and automatic screen changers, automatic continuous and automatic self-cleaning screen changers. The portfolio also includes double-piston screen changers, single-piston screen changers, and numerous filter elements for melt filtration and hot polymer filtration. It also includes screen changers for melt pumps and slide plate screen changers.

Continuous screen changers

Continuously operating single-piston screen changers in all sizes and variants ensure reliable, leakage-free filtration of polymer melts thanks to their robust design. Depending on the model, the rheologically optimized flow channel guides the melt stream optimally into the screen cavity, with a short dwell time.

Slide plate screen changers

MAAG slide plate screen changers can be used for a wide variety of extrusion tasks. Many are equipped with pressure-adaptive sealing systems as standard.


Manual screen changers

Manually operated screen changers are the first choice when it comes to cost-effective filtration on extrusion lines. They additionally protect the melt pump from damage and contamination.


Double-piston screen changers

CSC double-piston screen changers are robust, enable leakage-free operation, and meet the highest quality demands in melt filtration. The design of the tried and proven MAAG double-piston screen changers means no additional seals are required. In some cases, arched screens are used to significantly increase the active screen area. There are also models with fully automatic backflush functionality to minimize downtimes and increase the automation of the plant.


Large-area filtration from MAAG

With large-area screen changers ,even larger areas can be realized in filtration. MAAG additionally offers high-quality, high-performance filter elements and candle filter elements which enable very long service lives.

Large-area screen changers

These special screen changers are based on the double piston design, do not require additional seals, and are equipped with application-specific filter elements. Ideal for large-area filtration – optionally with basket filters, arched screens, disk filters or cartridge filters.

A discontinuous large-area filter system can also be configured according to individual customer requirements. There is also a continuous large-area polymer filtration system that minimizes viscosity losses in the switching process and allows seamless conveying.


Filter elements

The various MAAG filter elements can be cleaned multiple times, and have a long service life. The design is adapted to the special requirements of the filtration process.