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Strand pelletizing accessories2019-06-28T08:50:31+02:00

Accessories for strand pelletizing

To ensure optimum strand pelletizing, MAAG offers a wide range of accessories and high-performance additional equipment items that make the respective strand pelletizing systems even more efficient and round off the overall package.

MAAG gear pumps generate the necessary pressure to ensure good downstream processing of the plastic melt. MAAG screen changers filter out any impurities, which contributes greatly to maintaining high product quality.

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Dry cut strand pelletizing

Product overview strand pelletizing accessories

Die head

Strand die heads or strand pelletizing units are used in strand pelletizing systems for extrusion of strand profiles. SG-C series die heads have been specifically developed for applications in masterbatch, compounding, and recycling processes. They are used downstream of single [...]

Application: Compounding • Recycling • Wood flour
Category: Strand pelletizing accessories

FRU/SRK Classifier

The classifier is used for separating spears, spelts, chains, oversizes, and multiples from plastic pellets in the polymer production. Classifiers of the SRK-I-C and SRK-I-V type have been designed for the separation of oversized particles both in virgin polymer and [...]

Application: Compounding • Recycling • Wood flour
Category: Strand pelletizing accessories

HAK Hot Air Knife

The hot air knife (HAK) is an optional or retrofitting device mounted to the strand die head of dry cut strand pelletizing systems which efficiently removes melt residues, outgassing remains, and die drools (such as build up of glass fibers) [...]

Application: Compounding • Masterbatch • Polymer production • Wood flour
Category: Strand pelletizing accessories

KW Cooling Trough

The KW Cooling Trough assures uniform tempering of strands during strand pelletizing in polymer dry cut pelletizing systems. Variable modular length and width as well as many additional options allow adapting the cooling trough KW to almost every requirement.

Application: Compounding • Masterbatch • Recycling • Wood flour
Category: Strand pelletizing accessories

Model JV Air Knife Series

Designed for 24/7 operation and very low noise levels, this vacuum strand dryer has been recognized by many compounders as the preferred method for drying strands. Built on a compact frame, the JV series air knife application has proven itself [...]

Application: Compounding • Masterbatch • Recycling • Wood flour
Category: Strand pelletizing accessories

Dry cut strand pelletizing

In dry cut strand pelletizing, the plastic melt is routed to the die head. It distributes the melt into dies. The pressure in the die plates creates polymer strands that have to be conveyed to the cutting rotor. For water-sensitive polymer strands, an EBG single-belt pelletizing system is ideal. Other polymers can be transported via a constantly temperature-controlled KW cooling tank. This is followed by the air knife system, featuring the JV air knife series or the SE vacuum air knife. The hot air knife (HAK) is a hot air blower for the removal of melt residues, outgassing residues, and filler deposits directly on the die head.

The PWA process water treatment system filters, maintains temperature, and continuously rolls process water in compound and masterbatch production. A heat exchanger separates the contaminated process water from the primary cooling water circuit. The PWA process water treatment can be integrated into the base frame of the KW cooling trough or placed externally.

Following the dry cut and the wet cut, a FRU/SRK screen machine can be connected. The screen machine screens out skewers, husks, or chains as well as oversized or multiple grains and dust.

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