i-Heat® Process (patent pending)

i-Heat® is a process that uses gas injection to separate and speed the pellets to the Gala dryer. An inert gas is injected into a key point in the process slurry line. This decreases the residence time and contact time with water, which results in a pellet with most of its internal heat (i-Heat) remaining. This internal heat flashes off moisture, which results in highly improved moisture levels for reinforced plastic produced with the underwater pelletizing system.


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  • Reduced water contact time
  • High pellet temperature
  • Low residual pellet surface moisture
  • Versatile process for broad range of base polymers
  • Narrow pellet distribution
  • No pellet surface tack
  • Dust free pellets
  • Allows pelletizing of materials with filler content 0 – 75%