Efficient centrifugal dryer for any application

CYCLO® is energy-efficient pellet drying with minimal space required. The dryers are suitable for use with both PEARLO® underwater pelletizing and M-USG and P-USG underwater strand pelletizing systems. Well thought-out and highly accessible components, such as the core rotor device, serve to provide excellent operating characteristics and efficient servicing.

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The CYCLO® dryer features double walls filled with insulating material. Sound pressure level of < 80 dB(A) is possible. Large, wide doors and larger distances between rotor screens and dryer walls provide easy access to the interior.

Basic principle of pellet drying

The drying operation as part of the pelletizing process consists of three individual steps:

  1. Pre-dewatering: Up to 95 % of the process water is removed by gravitational force.
  2. Primary drying: Bigger water drops adhering to the pellets are largely removed through airflow or mechanical movement.
  3. Final drying: The residual heat of the pellets is used to evaporate the remaining surface moisture.

CYCLO® featuring:

    • Field proven dryer designs ¡ Solid rotor combined with segmented bottom section
    • Field proven EM (Easy Mounting) screens
    • Tangential in- and outlet
    • Low noise insulation
    • Integrated dewatering
    • Stand still monitoring – optional
    • Keyless mechanical interlocking system
    • Two large dryer doors
    • Filter integrated into insulated resin outlet
    • Motor on top arrangement (direct drive)
    • Interlocked hinged resin outlet filter for cleaning access
    • Internal air ductwork
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  • Excellent pellet quality due to minimal residual moisture
  • Compact design providing optimized access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Pneumatic interlock of dryer doors for safe and easy servicing
  • Integrated pre-dewatering chute provided as standard equipment
  • Easy exchange of all parts subject to wear, e.g. rotor blades
  • Special design for micropellets
  • Low noise emissions, low energy consumption
  • Reliable production machine
  • Adjustable rotor speed – optional
  • Self-cleaning system – optional