PTC 2024 (Pelletizing Training Course)


Underwater Pelletizing


April 23th and 24th  in English language

Start: 2024|04|23 – 08:00 am
Ending: 2024|04|24 – 04:15 pm


Theory and practise at the MAAG Germany plant in Xanten

Hotel Nibelungen Hof, Niederstraße 1, 46509 Xanten
accommodation in the above Hotel Nibelungen Hof in Xanten
everyday pick-up service to our plant (transfers included)!

Group of participants

Responsible operators, foremen, responsible persons for the production, operation, maintenance or persons in charge for the optimization of the underwater pelletizing. The training course program provides information both for new and for experienced employees.

Number of participants

The number of participants is limited. Registrations will be considered in the order of their receipt.

Attendance fee

The attendance fee is 1,150 EUR plus VAT per person.
(If there are more registrations of one company the second person will get a discount of 5% and each additional person a discount of 10%.)

The above fee includes:
Hotel stay for one night incl. breakfast, 2 x lunch, 1 dinner and refreshments during the breaks, training material and transfer between hotel and technical centre.

Cancellation of the application

We kindly ask for your understanding that in case of written cancellation until 10 days before the PTC date, 10% of the attendance fee will be charged. By later cancellations the complete fee will be charged.


The attendance fee includes the accommodation from the 2024|04|23 to 2024|04|24 in the Hotel Nibelungen Hof, Niederstraße 1, 46509 Xanten
As a matter of course further individual accommodations before and/or after the PTC are possible and bookable (€84,50 per night and person). Please indicate this in the registration and we will take care of it.

Content and learning target

This PTC is organized as a holistic two-day training course around underwater pelletizing and drying. After a review of the complete pelletizing components and drying technology, description of multifarious optimization potentiality at the units follows. Theoretic basics will be supplemented by practical advices. Examples for optimization will be shown and discussed. The compiled results should be reflected by the participants at their own lines later. The face-to-face contact should provide faster support at later requests and/or problems.

Preliminary program: 23th + 24th of April 2024 (mornings) theory:

  • Basics melt filter, melt valves and pressure build-up elements
    field of application and optimization potentiality
  • Basics die plate technology
    criteria for selection, type of operation and innovations
  • Basics pelletizing technology
    functionality, material selection and minimization of wear, innovations
  • Basics water system technology
    tempering, water filtration and piping, method of resolution, innovations
  • Basics drying technology
    system overview, functional principle, optimum working points, innovations
  • Basics underwater pelletizing of plastics
    adequate parameters and operating points, examples, optimizations, innovations

Preliminary program: 23th + 24th of April 2024 (in the afternoons) practice:

  • Melt filter, melt valves and pressure build-up elements
    examples and explanatory notes
  • Die plate technology,
    workings at the plate, criteria for handling, operating parameters, minimization of wear
  • Pelletizing technology and blades,
    tutorial to minimize wear, repairs
  • Water system technology,
    water filtration and piping, handling, cleaning, repairs
  • Drying technology,
    cleaning, optimal operating points, repairs
  • Trouble shooting,
    supported search for typical failures, malfunctions and issues of interruption
  • Underwater pelletizing of plastics
    consequences of operating points, examples by optimizations at a running line
  • Innovations in underwater pelletizing
    introduction of new products and comparative results