Technical Data

Technical DataSeries 30Series 60Series 120
Pump:extrex® 20 GPextrex® 22 GPextrex® 36 GP
Specific volume:1,3 cm3/U4,7 cm3/U25,6 cm3/U
Differential Pressure Δp:max. 250 barmax. 250 barmax. 250 bar
Temperature range:30° to 200°C30° to 200°C30° to 200°C
Die Head:Series 50Series 100Series 200
No. of strands:1-33-1010-25
Cooling belt:Series 250Series 250Series 250
Cooling belt length:2,3,5 or 7 m2,3,5 or 7 m2,3,5 or 7 m
Belt speed:0,8-10 m/min or 8-80 m/min0,8-10 m/min or 8-80 m/min0,8-10 m/min or 8-80 m/min
Pelletizer:PRIMO 30PRIMO 60PRIMO 120
Throughput:0,3-2 kg/h2-20 kg/h10-60 kg/h
Pellet size:0,3-3 mm0,3-6 mm0,3-6 mm

Application Areas

  • Production of micro-pellets to avoid milling
  • For direct tableting or encapsulation
  • Continuous operation or batch production
  • Pelletizing of brittle and/or sticky formulations
  • For pelletizing from an extruder or reactor vessel