Underwater Pelletizer

MAAG´s new Underwater Pelletizing series can reach production rates of up to 80.000 kg an hour.

These unique features of the PEARLO X- Series clearly stand out from the competitor models in terms of uptime and efficiency:

  • Unrivalled long lifetime of die plate with tight pellet distribution thanks to unique die plate design
  • Improved pellet quality at highest pellet consistency thanks to innovative cutter hub and blade design
  • Unrivalled long lifetime of cutting tools thanks to flexible joint cutter hub
  • Outstanding pellet quality due to optimized two channel water flow and optimized cutting chamber
  • Automated blade advance through Electronically Adjusted Cutter (EAC) for highest process stability
  • Easy access and cleaning and clean working environment

Upstream/Downstream equipment

Technical Details

Rate window

10.000 – 80.000 kg/h

Max. knife/ blade tip speed

30 (m/s)

find more detailed infos in our brochure:

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