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The development and production of gear pumps, filters and screen changers as well as system solutions is our passion. We manufacture high-quality and efficient solutions tailored to the requirements of our customers. We use our know-how in the fields of pumps and filtration, based on many decades of experience, to develop even more efficient and powerful products.

Reliable filtration is a guarantee for success in polymer production. The degree and rates to which they have to be filtered are constantly increasing. Therefore we are constantly improving our products and supplementing our portfolio.

With our new developments we are always setting new standards. High compactness and filter performance at constant pressure and thus high end product quality is our value proposition.


The high-performance backflush filter with continuous screen cleaning is a particularly compact, efficient and powerful unit. The uniform and constantly efficient backflush of the entire screen reduces pressure fluctuations in the system to a minimum and enables the use of regrind in highly sensitive applications, such as blown film extrusion.

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Large area filtration – MAAG CSC-C und MAAG duplex

With the MAAG large area filters and the screen changer technology quick filter changes are possible. The MAAG CSC-C large area screen changers for polymer filtration systems are based on the proven double piston design. Ideal for applications requiring large area fine filtration with customized screen cavities. The development of the continuous polymer filtration system MAAG duplex is based on our extensive customer experience and thus the answer to customer requirements. Viscosity losses during the change-over process are minimized and seamless conveying is guaranteed.

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MAAG duplex

MAAG x6 class melt pumps

Our latest generation melt pumps offer the best volumetric efficiency on the market. The vacorex⁶ VX, polyrex⁶ PR or extrex⁶ EX/ER are experts in their respective fields.

MAAG extrex6 Y-Adaptor

The double gear pump adapter for complex extrusion applications combines two extrex x6 class gear pumps and contributes to better economy and efficiency of extrusion lines. The adapter allows two different die blocks to be supplied with an individual and constant melt flow.

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extrex6 Y-Adapter