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We design and manufacture our pulverizers with the flexibility to easily evolve with your business. The need for higher productivity, better product surface quality, and shorter molding cycles has resulted in machines that are easy to operate and deliver maximum efficiency with minimum waste or down-time.

The integrated solutions for Pulverizing Systems by MAAG Group are characterized by an outstanding efficiency and top performance in terms of the ratio of output to consumed energy. The range of Pulverizers extends from units for small throughputs such as for laboratory or pilot plant operations to Pulverizer systems for medium to high throughputs.

Innovation 2020 – REDUCTION REX Powder

The new pulverizer REDUCTION REX Powder is characterized by high versatility. It can be used for both ambient and cryogenic operation depending on the installed attachments. The range of materials extends from engineered resins, rubber, adhesives, pharmaceuticals as well as food grades. With throughput ranging from 50 – 200 kilograms per hour it can service the smaller markets where top quality sample powders are required. This high versatility combined with low energy consumption are ideal to achieve a quick return on your investment.

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REX Powder


By using our color mixers, the cleaning times of a central mixer can be eliminated. Pellets are dyed directly from the pulverizer or from a silo. The REDUCTION ColoREX Color Mixer is designed for most polymers and presents a great alternative to traditional high speed-mixers as it is easier to clean and maintain.

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Disposable Discs Technology

The Disposable Discs technology helps our customers to reduce their operating and maintenance costs. Cost- and time consuming regrinding off-site is eliminated by simply replacing the discs by a set of new ones.

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