MAAG Group is a global solutions provider with integrated and customizable pump, filtration, pelletizing, pulverizing, and recycling systems in process technology for polymer processing. Responsible for the international success are the distinguished products, which are developed and produced in the four fields of competence. Ueli Thuerig, President, explains the great importance of the product brands and the grouping together under the umbrella of the MAAG Group

Ueli Thuerig, President MAAG Group

With the new umbrella brand strategy as MAAG Group, we want to accelerate our perception in the market. But we also have well-known product brands. The brand names AUTOMATIK, ETTLINGER, GALA, MAAG, REDUCTION, and SCHEER provide a high degree of recognition and a high promise of quality. They are essential constants. Below the umbrella brand MAAG Group, we use the product brands in our fields of competence: Pump & Filtration Systems, Pelletizing Systems, Pulverizing Systems, and Recycling Systems. Thus, we provide the market with the security of what is trusted and known.

In the conception of the new brand and corporate strategy, it was important for us to continue using the names of the successful and renowned companies. Each of them has an impressive company history. Some of them date back to the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. We wanted to uphold the values associated with it. After all, we are convinced that tradition and progress belong together. As a rule, long and successful company histories also guarantee the active development of tomorrow’s markets.

For us at the MAAG Group, it is very important to us to continue supporting our customers and partners in the market over the next 15 and 20 years in development, production, service and maintenance worldwide. From our point of view, this is the basic precondition for a safe investment in new machines and systems. We aim to be available to our customers at all times, all over the world, deploying the extensive know-how of our more than 1,000 employees at our 20 locations.

From the integration of all our product brands, namely AUTOMATIK, ETTLINGER, GALA, MAAG, REDUCTION, and SCHEER under the umbrella of the MAAG Group we expect a further boost to innovation in cutting-edge technology, even higher standards in our worldwide after-sales service, and even better solutions to meet demanding customer requirements in the production, processing and recycling of polymers.