In the past 12 months, a lot has happened at Maag Pump Systems AG and the companies acquired in recent years. From late summer, the changes became visible for our employees worldwide, and from K2019 in Düsseldorf also for all our international market partners. But that is by no means all …

New brand identity

The development and introduction of our new corporate identity is the most visible change of the MAAG Group in 2019!

  • We have successfully established the concept of the umbrella brand within which the strong product brands AUTOMATIK, ETTLINGER, GALA, MAAG, SCHEER, and REDUCTION can evolve around a common brand core.
  • The service portfolio of the MAAG Group is divided into the four fields of competence Pump & Filtration Systems, Pelletizing Systems, Pulverizing Systems, and Recycling Systems in such a way that our partners in the market and our customers can understand our expertise at a glance.
  • The new brand design structure expresses our diverse capabilities in pumps, filters, pelletizing systems, pulverizers and recycling systems and strengthens our overall market presence.

New processes

In addition to the visible external appearance, we have also achieved a lot internally for even better cooperation with customers and partners. Introducing new ERP systems and changing existing ones are a challenge in any organization. The MAAG Group has been working intensively on this topic over the past year. Parallel to ongoing operations, significant changes were made at the European and American locations. The optimized organizational structures and work processes have already become well established across all locations. We therefore believe that we are well positioned economically and organizationally for the new decade, because continuous improvement of processes is a key success factor.

In manufacturing and in cooperation in the service area across all fields of competence and locations, the first performance indicators have significantly improved already – which is already having a positive effect on the overall result.

Innovative new products and services

Great product developments and further developments of well-known products are another highlight of the year 2019. As a technology leader, we were able to present our innovations to an interested trade audience at K2019 and other trade fairs:

  • Field of competence “Pump & Filtration Systems”
    With its Generation 6 melt pumps, MAAG has once again offered the best volumetric efficiency on the market. These include vacorex⁶ VX, polyrex⁶ PR, extrex⁶ EX/ER. The screen changers CSC-HMA, ESC-BF for pressure-constant applications and FSC-OEM have once again proven how powerful and versatile the solutions are.

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extrex⁶ EX

  • Field of competence “Pelletizing Systems”
    In the field of strand pelletizing, we have set standards with the AUTOMATIK products PRIMO E, PRIMO FC and PRIMOPlus flex, which is also compatible with SCHEER cutting rotors. In the field of underwater pelletizing, we were able to gain further market shares thanks to the new GALA products CYCLO® and PEARLO®. The PEARLO® still offers the best performance in a market comparison. The new GALA Color Control was also well received in the market.
  • Field of competence “Pulverizing Systems”
    REDUCTION successfully presented the pulverizer REX Powder and the continuous color-mixer COLORex.

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REX Powder

  • Field of competence “Recycling Systems”
    We once more set the benchmark of efficiency in our favor with the ETTLINGER melt filters ECO and ERF. They are among the best melt filters for recycling and compounding applications currently available on the market.

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The MAAG Group will continue to expand its technological and innovation leadership in the coming years. Interesting solutions are at the middle of the development process.

Outlook 2020

2019 was an excellent year. The MAAG Group’s numerous innovations have convinced current and new customers to invest in new systems to achieve even better product quality and even higher productivity. As in previous years, we will therefore continue to focus strongly on innovation, because as a leader in innovation we have to think every day about the products of tomorrow that generate added value for our international customers in the polymer, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

And despite some dark clouds in the economic sky, we in the MAAG Group are confident that our technologically mature and future-oriented products will also prevail in 2020. Therefore, the international after-sales support will be further expanded in order to be able to offer an excellent service to our constantly growing customer base worldwide.

Trade show kick-off for 2020

In the fall of 2019, we were at many trade fairs worldwide. In 2020 we will continue right away. The next exhibition dates to meet the MAAG Group are:

  • Plastivision 2020 | Hall 3, Booth H-1 | January 16-21, 2020 | Mumbai, India
  • Interplastica 2020 | Hall 2, Level 2, Stand A29 | January 28-31, 2020 | Moscow, Russia
  • Plast Alger 2020 | March 9-11, 2020 | Alger, Algeria