simplex SFS 0.2-1

Candle filter for lab applications

Our simplex candle filter model shows different features especially for trial set-ups:

  • Filter housing and adapter with single bolt quick disconnect clamping flanges ensures fast and simple exchange of candle filter elements
  • Thanks to stainless steel design simplex is suitbale for any polymer incl. corrosive / abrasive properties and high temperature
  • Filter heating available in electric, oil and steam according to plant environment and area classification (ATEX)

The displayed lab model comes with 1 candle providing 0,19 m2 filter surface while our plant size filters come up to 169 candle elements with 255,4 m2 total filter surface.

MAAG’s large scale filter with candle filter elements are available as SIMPLEX single vessel execution for long-lasting batch production, and as DUPLEX twin vessel execution for continuous process as well.

  • MAAG | Polymer filters for industry | simplex

Technical Details

Candle surface

0,19 – 255,4 m²

Candle length

203 – 1473 mm

Candle elements

1 – 169

find more detailed infos in our brochure:

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