CSC 520-R

Screen changer for virgin polymer applications

The CSC-520 features a double piston screen changer and 2 active screen bolts in operation. It’s arched breakerplate enables highest throughput for Virgin polymer industries with up to 100to/h as a tandem system.

2 screens on one bolt allow easy handling of short screens, faster screen change and quicker cleaning of the hot surface. The system features two ø600mm pistons, an arched breakerplate for 2 screens and nearly 1m² filtration surface for each cavity.

Thanks to the rheological flow geometries, there are no material deposits.

Upstream/Downstream equipment

Technical Details

Filtration surface

9.500 cm²

Footprint [LxBxH]

5500 x 1450 x 2900



42,5 t

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