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Strand Cooling Belt PFS

Unlike conventional extrusion in a water bath, the Strand Cooling Belt PFS does not require manual threading of  strands. Strands are deposited directly on the conveyor belt and automatically conveyed to the strand pelletizer. The cooling is done by special air nozzles with high cooling capacity.

Suitable for



Technical Data

Technical Data Series 250
Cooling belt width: 250 mm
No. of strands: 1-25
Belt speed: 0,8-10 m/min or 8-80 m/min
Cooling belt length: 2,3,5 or 7 m

Application Areas

  • Transport and cooling of strands
  • Transport and cooling of granules made by wet extrusion
  • Ideal for water-soluble formulation
  • Continuous operation or batch production
  • Suitable for laboratory usage in the research and development phase
  • For pelletizing from an extruder or reactor vessel
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  • Low mechanical stress on the srands
  • Special air nozzles for minimal air consumption, reduced noise and high cooling capability
  • No process water treatment is necessary
  • Retrofitting into existing extrusion lines is possible
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Possibility to Wash-in-Place (WIP)
  • Process data monitoring on touchscreen display
  • Easy up-scaling: from the laboratory line to commercial production scale