The pelletizing system, thanks to its enclosed design, is ideal for pelletizing carrier/agent combinations in hot-melt extrusion processes and was developed specifically for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products.

Suitable for



Technical Data SPHERO® PFS 70

Pump extrex® 20 to 36 GP
Differential pressure Δp max. 250 bar
Temparature range 30°C – 200°C
No. of holes 1-12
Throughput 0,3 – 20 kg/h
Pellet size 0,5 – 5 mm

Application Areas

  • Pelletizing of water-soluble carrier/active ingredient combination
  • Micro-pellets for tamper-resistant and abuse-deterrent formulation
  • Production of MUPS (Multiple Unit Pellet System) tablets
  • Continuous operation or batch production
  • Highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • For pelletizing from an extruder or reactor vessel
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  • Enclosed system (containment)
  • Narrow distribution of particle size
  • Homogeneous pellet shape featuring great flow-ability
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Low-dust pelletizing
  • Pelletizing of brittle formulations
  • Special design for pelletizing sticky products
  • Simplified, speeded up development of innovative pharmaceutical formulation