Pulverizing System 85XLP

Pulverizing System 85XLP Compact milling and all around pulverizer

The pulverizing system 85XLP, with its compact design, is the perfect fit for the medium throughput range or the ideal solution for in-house production. This unit of the plastic pulverizer, with its integrated PLC controls, assures fully automatic production at a high level with very little operating effort. As with all of our pulverizers, this air-cooled pulverizer incorporates our state-of-the-art technology that facilitates quick clean-downs and change-over times.

Suitable for


Technical data


  • Energy efficient
  • Easy gap adjustment of discs
  • Small footprint
  • Remote access to machine interface
  • Best control of particle size distribution

Technical Data

Débit (kg/h)
270 - 450
LDPE, HDPE, PVC, ABS, … Anmerkung: Weitere Materialien auf Anfrage.
Siemens - PLC with Touch Screen
Dimensions (L x L x H en mm)
2,400 x 1,562 x 4,486
Matériau d'entrée [mm]
≤ 10,0
Finesse [µ]
Disques No./Diamètre [mm]
2 / 432