General Use gear pump for thermoplastic applications

Extrusion operations require extremely reliable gear pump systems with high output consistency and a configuration to suit each application.
The modular design of extrex® gear pumps easily meets the requirements for these diverse applications.

The extrex⁶ GU gear pump is a general use design that elevates your process to the next level. With the new x⁶ class design you have additional benefi ts compared to the classic gear pump designs.

All pumps are available with ST design (flow optimized) and with the 5R design (Retrofit flange design classic pump).

Suitable for


Technical data
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  • Operation in the high-pressure range up to 700 bar
  • High overall level of efficiency due to cutting-edge gear and slide bearing technology
  • Flexible use due to simple retro-fitting
  • Robust and compact construction
  • Low-pulsation conveying even at high-pressure differentials

une gamme de fluides de pompage typiques

Styrene polymers
Expandable polystyrene
Fluor polymers
Other polymers upon request


Defined tolerance classes
Wired heating cartridge fully attached to connector
Liquid heating with interconnection bores
Pressure/temperature sensor bores in body
Choice of materials for every application
Cooling feature for shaft seals
Special seal types

Technical Data

Vitesse de rotation [U/Min]
max. 200
Couple en NM
max. 12800
Pression différentielle en bar
max. 250
Viscosité en Pas
max. 30.000
Températures en °C
max. 350
Alloyed steel
Arbres de transmission
Tool steel
Joints d'arbre
Alloyed steel
Chauffage de la pompe
* Electrical with heating cartridges* Electric and liquid for thermo-sensitive thermoplastics