Booster pump for the elastomeric processing industry

Elastomeric processing requires positive displacement devices that gentle convey high viscosity rubber through the system. Specifically designed, low compression tooth design allow the extrex⁶ ER transfer, booster or metering gear pump to achieve both high pressure and low shear.
The rubber compound is conveyed with a constant, precise flow even at high discharge pressures – and this also for extremely dry or sticky compounds, where former pump generations reached their limits due to scorch. Additionally, their anyway high efficiency and long life span will extend unrivaled due to reduced internal friction.

Suitable for


Technical data


  • Your SP benefits
  • Your GU benefits
  • + 26 % more spec. vol. than RB
  • + 10 % more spec. vol. than RV
  • + 14 % more pressure
  • + 25 % more wear resistant
  • + 25 % more wear resistant
  • + 25 % larger sealing surface
  • + 25 % larger sealing surface    

une gamme de fluides de pompage typiques

Silicone rubber


Set of rotary joints and fittings for fluid thermoregulation of shafts
4 sensor ports in body (2 standard)

Technical Data

Viscosité en Pas
max. 30.000
Températures en °C
max. 120
Alloy-/Carbon Steel -other material on request
Arbres de transmission
Tool steel, special coatings
Tool steel / special materials
Joints d'arbre
Viscoseal, Viscoseal temperature controlled
Chauffage de la pompe
Thermal water or oil
chauffage de l'arbre
Thermal water or oil
The extrex® rubber gear pump can be flanged between extruder and extruder head as well screen changer or strainer heads